Thursday, September 23, 2010

I hurt.
I'm sick of minding my p's and q's.

I'm sick of all the subtle or implied laws of American Christianity.

I'm sick of feeling guilty over everything.

I'm sick of sermons on behavior.

I'm sick of 'Christian' music. 99% of it sounds stupid.

I'm sick of being nice.

I'm sick of being afraid of people.

I'm sick of caring what others will think of me.

I'm sick of Christians expecting certain behaviors of you that have nothing to do with faith, hope or love.

I'm sick of facades, airs, and pretenses.

I appreciate honesty, and I believe God does too.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My First Words...

as a new born babe in Christ.

These are posts I found from an old blog of mine that have posts which show my sudden transition to Christ.

I am very ashamed and surprised to read the older posts before I came to Christ. I was extremely vicious and full of hate for my family. It was very strange reading them.

Anyway, here is my first post after becoming a Christian:

February 25th, 2006

"I am asking everyone who reads this to accept Jesus Christ. He died for you..Can you not just accept his gift?

with attempts at criticism or belittling will be subjected to me laughing at them. Save it for the judgment throne, will you?"

February 28th 2006

"It's a beautiful day today, and it will be the rest of the week. It's 68 degrees and it'll be getting into the upper 70s. It's funny, I used to hate spring/summer for the fact everything was alive again. But now, its one of the most awesome experiences, to watch everything start blossoming and growing again. Being filled up with the Holy Spirit is better than any drug or drink man can offer. I hope all of you who read this also open yourselves up to the Lord.

God bless."