Friday, November 6, 2009

Concerning Tapeworms and Man-Hair

So, I had a great lunch with Jamie and Ryan today! It was so good to see them again and a little hard to believe it has been just over 1 whole year since we first met in person at the Olive Garden. Jamie has a tapeworm and Ryan has a phenomenal beard. I'm a sucker for beards. Every man should have one. I would if they were not so dang itchy. Shall I elaborate on Jamie's tapeworm? Nah... =P Suffice to say that she looks wonderful. She's so classy.

We chatted about all of our friends. Yeah, MAJOR gossip. =) And of course we talked about grace. How can we not? "We cannot help but speak of what we have seen and heard".

Lunch was DELICIOUS. Good grief, Ryan spoiled us. I had a grilled shrimp pasta that was delicioso! We also had Calamari, stuffed mushrooms and fried mozzarella for appetizers. Not to mention the salad and endless breadsticks. I took some home with me and had left-overs for dinner. Mom wanted some. I didn't give her any. It's our precious.

Jamie and Ryan mentioned moving eventually. Shall I suggest Rock Hill? Or maybe Charlotte? One can hope. :)

I always forget how much I love them and miss them when I see them again.

The love of Jesus drove 4 hours just to have lunch with me. :)

I just wish the rest of our friends could have been there with us. We love you all.


The Lewis Family said...

"It's our precious" Aha ha ha ha ha! That is so funny! All that food sounds so tasty. There is no Olive Garden anywhere near me. Perhaps there will be one when we go 4 hours to Winnipeg this weekend. . .Good food good comapany and good food - can't go wrong (unless you have the stomach flu).

Jamie said...

My TAPEWORM?!? Ahahahahaaha!! I hope people understand what you mean or you're in BIG TROUBLE, Mister! Unlike Dev, I do not have parasites! ICK!

And like Bec, I think "It's our precious" is HILARIOUS! MEAN, but funny. You've been around ME TOO MUCH!

We love you, Matthew, and can't imagine not ever having had the joy of knowing you and having the privilege of watching you grow in grace.

Love to Peaches. LOL :P

Matthew Campbell said...


you don't have an Olive Garden? We'll lift your family up in prayer for this serious ordeal. May God sustain you through your time of need. =P hehehe


parasites are fun. They're like family pets that lose weight for you! I wish Peaches could be as helpful. All she does is eat, poop, sleep and sleaze around the house every 2 months. LOL

I love you both. It is weird to stop and think that there was a point in time in which I didn't know you and Ryan.

And what about it? Rock Hill is a nice place. Wanna move here? Huh, huh?