Sunday, February 25, 2007

Somber Sunday

It is pretty nasty outside today. I went to bed late last night and woke up with no clothes washed so I didn't go to church at Don and Susanne's this morning. I'm going to go to our pastor Matt's house this evening with my friend Ronnie.

Not much to write about today. I'm sitting here plugged into my ipod. I've just finished watching Steve McVey's Grace Walk Experience videos. God has definitely blessed him with a great amount of wisdom and I am blessed to learn the truths he preaches so early in my life as a believer. Though getting my mind focused and renewed is a never ending work in itself. It is hard to believe a lot of times that I am going to be allowed to spend eternity with God almighty, Creator of the universe. Why me? Is it really so easy? Praise God, it is easy. He didn't make salvation complicated. Children understand the gospel better than a Yale graduate. He has "hidden these things from the wise and revealed them to babes." I love our Father. He was also "found by those who did not seek Him." I am one of them. This truth, I knew in myself, which is why I could never become Arminist even though I had despised the doctrine of election. To despise election is to despise grace. I understand that now. Although I don't want to end up like some who take it too far and before they know it, they start preaching predestination rather than the gospel.

I'm rambling. But I am so in love with our God. How huge He is. I think about how awesomely enormous the universe is and think about verses in Ezekiel and Revelation that describe God's appearance. His body being like glowing metal with fire inside. Feet like bronze in a furnace, holding stars in His hand, sitting on a throne "like sapphire". He is the absolute of absolute holiness and purity. It boggles my mind to think He would care at all for me.

There is no God like Jehovah. He is awesome and infinite in power and glory. He gives you this feeling of fear, yet at the same time, you feel like you're right where you belong.

So, I let my mind wander again..

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