Saturday, May 12, 2007

She Freaks

I was browsing around online for job listings and I eventually came to a job for a janitor at Rock Hill High School..and I day dreamed for a little while (as a matter of fact, I still am) ...I thought about how I cool it would be for me to become a custodian. I honestly would love that job...Though it would probably be tough for me to find a wife with a career as a school maid, cleaning up after kids younger than myself, but towering over me, making fun of me because I bring my Bible to work. I can see myself listening to Celtic Hymns and 80's pop on my ipod during lunch in the cafeteria, having a bologna and mayonnaise sandwich and a bottle of aquafina. I would love to be in a position like that...I would have a chance to share Christ with lots of people.

I remember wanting to be a professional wrestler, a rockstar and spiderman growing up. Now I want to be a janitor. I also said I would never like tomato's. I find myself getting them on every sandwich I order from Subway and Quizno's now. Freaky.


lydia joy said...

You are SO precious!! Do you know that?

You just are, and you make me laugh........

Matthew Daelon said...

LOL! Thank you, Lydia. :) And you are my very precious big sister!!