Monday, August 6, 2007

...Come You Who Have No Money

It's funny how Christians today believe that being filled with the Spirit and such things are a matter of fasting, praying, begging, being good, go on a sinless streak, or what have you. Then there is the idea that we must fast, pray, or read our Bibles in order to be "close to God".

It just doesn't match scripture. Galatians chapter 3 clearly says the Spirit, miracles and all the promises are based on faith, not works. Receiving, not earning. And the other good news is that there is only one faith. You don't have to have faith for different things. You just have to believe in the gospel.


Grace Walker said...

WOW, wonderful!!! One faith....this is good news, which is the gospel. How fantastic!

Anonymous said...

is good - realy realy good. Preach it Matthew!