Friday, August 3, 2007

Legalistic Habits

One thing that irks me about myself I noticed is that I make myself earn credits before I can play video games, read Harry Potter or whatever.

I noticed just now that I felt I didn't have enough credits to read Harry Potter because I spent them already this morning by playing Xbox and eating a bag of baked Cheetos. So I thought to myself, "Heres what I'll do...I'll do something nice for mom like clean the kitchen or her bathroom or something, then I'll read some Harry Potter." Because if I just indulge in these things without regulations, I'll love the world too much and I'll fall away from the love of God. I can hear that voice in my head right now that if I do these things too much, one thing will lead to another and I won't love God anymore.

Don't tell me you haven't had this mentality before.

....Please? lol

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Grace Walker said...

You are so not alone Matthew! I like how you put the process down in words. I could follow it with my own experience and have a similar result. There is something about seeing it 'written' down that really brings it to light for exactly what it is...

Thanks so much,