Thursday, March 5, 2009

Becoming a Jedi

I just wanted to write about the things God has recently done in my life. He has really maneuvered me in and out of certain difficulties. A lot like how he protected Jesus from the crowds and Jesus was able to just walk through them, somehow without being hurt. There are other things other than these that he has done for me, but this is what I am currently excited and thrilled about! I am so excited about my new job!!! I pray I wouldn't let pain slow me down, but do my work as for the Lord and not for men!

It's important for you to understand that to get God to work in my life, I didn't do anything. I just went forward, and he worked. These are seemingly small things to humans, but all things are small to God. But he has lately been working a lot like how he worked with Israel, moving into Canaan. Their only "job" is to move forward in faith and God does the rest. He initiates, I respond. He doesn't expect us to be in control of everything, but rather trust him that when Jesus said, "ALL authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me", he meant it. When he says all authority, that means all. That means no one even gets a job without it being under his control. No one draws one breath on this earth without his permission and enabling.

I first started out, believing that if i just applied, God would indeed provide me with a job. He gives his children what they need. If I need food, he will provide it and if I need clothes he will provide them. He does not neglect us. And so I went online and put in applications, talking to my Father and telling him what he already knew I needed. I needed a job, and I needed a new prosthetic, therefore I needed good health insurance. I waited for a call back from the jobs from which I had applied, but was too scared to follow up on it. I also knew they wouldn't provide sufficient insurance to get a new prosthetic. And so I asked God that if he wanted me to have a job, to show me the job he wanted me to have. Not much longer, my neighbor, who lives just behind me, tells me that her company, West Marine, is hiring for lift drivers and that they have quote: "Really good insurance". And so I thought, "Aha!" I suspected this was from God and immediately inquired about it, by putting in an application. I felt totally helpless when I arrived at this huge distribution center with all these cars parked outside. I felt like a 5 year old walking into the world, trying to be a grown-up. And so I picked up the application paper, feeling ridiculous applying for a position such as a lift driver, given the state of the economy, with absolutely no previous experience or no education. I told God I was only going in because I believed He is going to provide for me. I prayed that if I was going to get this job, it would NOT be based on on my qualifications, but on his grace.

So I wait. Mom and I get home from being out somewhere one day and she says there is a message from West Marine on my phone. I'm all excited and I call back immediately and leave a message on their answering machine. I wait a week for a call back, then go up there and they eventually interview me and give me the papers for a drug test. They tell me I will be working at the conveyor belts which requires constant walking. I was concerned about having to walk the whole time, which I would have toughed out, but no less concerned about the pain I would have. And then today I find out that I would be driving a ground lift! So walking will be minimized!

I had also been worried about whether or not I would have been able to go to the Radical Sonship conference in Atlanta with Steve McVey and Paul Anderson-Walsh. I thought I would be working that Friday of the conference. I had also been so excited to meet my brothers Joel, Gary, John and with Ryan and Jamie!! And we were gonna get to meet together in the presence of two speakers who have so helped me find my foundations in the grace of God! But today I find out that we're on four day work weeks!! I don't work Fridays or weekends! WOW! Normally that would not be a plus, but my reliance is not on myself or men, but on God. He has prepared this job for me beforehand, with all knowledge of my needs and the conference.

It may not seem so miraculous the way I have explained it, but understand, I have been waiting for weeks, concerned about these things and then to have it all work out in the end is nothing less than the work of my Father! He loves me and he takes care of me.


Jamie said...

Somebody has a BIG, FAITHFUL GOD!! :D

On to Atlanta!

Love you and are SO HAPPY for you!

Gary Kirkham said...

Keep the faith, young Padawan! :)

Great news, Matthew! Everything God does is miraculous. Even the sun coming up each day is a miracle of God's grace. All unbelievers and, sadly, many believers would look at what you described as coincidence or luck. Praise God with every breath you take that he has given you eyes to see Him weaving His thread of love and grace throughout every aspect of your life. Don't ever let anyone try to convince you that God isn't in the minutest details of your life.

I wasn't always convinced of this, but God opened my eyes to this truth while reading "The Christians Secret of a Happy Life" by Hannah Whitall Smith. There is a chapter in there titled, "Is God in Everything?" Indeed He is! It's a great book, I highly recommend it.

In Christ,

lydia joy said...

It is miraculous!! This is wonderful, wonderful news that I have eagerly waited to hear and rejoice with you in!! Woohoo!! I am doing a Heather Clark warrior dance for ya!!! All of it, it's just perfect.........

Love you Mattey Boy!!!

Bino M. said...

Matthew, that is so great! I am so glad and I am sure you guys will have a great time in Atlanta...

Much love,