Sunday, March 1, 2009

In Christ

I am in Christ. I am in his death and resurrection. I was in Christ when he was on the cross. God included me in him, since he is my Covenant Representative. I don't experience a feeling of dying or death. Why? Because Christ's death was my death! He died FOR me! I don't wait until I finally have an experience of dying. He experienced death FOR me. I don't try to get there! I am there because I believed what I heard. I trusted the Gospel and I was saved in that hope. I simply hold my original confidence in Christ to the end! How hard a work is that? It's my pleasure! I get to be confident in the obedience of the One Man! I am free from self! I am free from a nitpicking mind, meticulously picking apart my actions, motives and words, in an effort to make myself good. I couldn't be good. I needed to be killed and raised anew! I needed to fly, but the problem is, worms don't fly! I needed to become a butterfly. Try as I might, a worm will never be able to fly. I would need to become a new creation to fly. And how do I become a new creation? By struggling to grow wings? Absolutely not! I rest from my works, crawl inside my cocoon, and allow God's power to transform me.

We're struggling to crucify ourselves. Why!? Jesus is the one who was crucified! As I said before - HE is the hero of this story. HE was raised from the dead. He experienced death for me.

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