Saturday, February 28, 2009


I watched this tonight and absolutely loved it! Kirk Cameron does a wonderful job in this movie. I didn't really like the movie Facing the Giants too much, but I LOVED Fireproof.

In one part of the movie, Kirk walks in with a Chick-Fil-A bag. I knew he did it because Chick-Fil-A is a Christian based food chain. And I immediately thought maybe that was a little corny. But then I had a different thought. It isn't corny. It's brothers and sister supporting one another. Some writers, speaking of early Christians said that Christians were, "Crazy! They love each other before they even meet each other!"

There is absolutely nothing cheesy or stupid about being biased towards Christians. They are our family. And after all, Jesus didn't say the world would know us by our love for everyone, but by our love for each other.

Now, don't take this as "Oh my goodness, I don't love enough!" God will peel away our fears or our selfishness that hinder us from loving one another. It isn't about how big or how little your love is. It will grow by the power of the Holy Spirit and by surrendering to his initiatives. From my experience, the Holy Spirit is NEVER condemning. He is ALWAYS strengthening, encouraging and gives you more than enough ability to do what he is prompting you to do. Our Father upholds us with his very own hand.

By all means, lets be biased towards Christians!


The Lewis Family said...

Funny thing was just before I popped onto your page I noticed the verse of the day on our myway homepage which said,'Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.' From 1 Peter somewhere. . .

I only really noticed the words 'love each other deeply' and I liked it. Deeply.

Saw the movie too. It was better than I expected. . . I liked the fact that they made a point of saying that the husband was unable to truly love until He had Christ in Him to love. That was encouraging, as I was afraid that it would just be a movie about a whole bunch of techniques of how to love your spouse. Of course it did have some techniques, but whatever. The funny thing is that the only part that really moved me was when he realised he had judged his mother unjustly and went up and apologized and hugged her. That got me. . .

Matthew Daelon said...

That is a good verse. The Bible does say to love all people, but it says ESPECIALLY those in the faith.

I'm with you. I was hoping I wouldn't find methods and steps and there was some, but what I liked was the methods and steps taught him he couldn't do it and sent him to Jesus.

joyfullydia said...

This sounds like a wonderful movie, and I am glad you liked and posted on it.......I must go rent it now!!
As for the call to love one another, that is so BIG, such an important truth and reminder. I have been thinking about an intense (on my part) conversation I had with an old friend and how perhaps I could have been less intense and shown love how he would receive it, and have thought of writing to him to sense of guilt or anything just a sense that I most certainly can show humility and when I read this it was like a confirmation for me, thank you!!!

Matthew Daelon said...


It is a great movie!

I have been in situations like that. You're right, there is no condemnation, but the love of Christ compels us to be loving and compassionate. We just respond to it! :)

Amy said...

Thanks for your thoughts about "Fireproof." I have not yet seen it. It is at the top of my Netflix Queue, though, but it hasn't been released yet there. I am definitely interested in seeing it, as I've read several blogs and reviews about it.

Glad you enjoyed it, and I understand your thoughts about Chick Fil-A. It's funny, we actually have one right down the road from where I live, less than 1/2 mile! Good chicken, I especially love the biscuits.

~Amy :)

Gary Kirkham said...

Hi Matt,

I have seen all three of their movies, Flywheel, Facing the Giants and Fireproof. I enjoyed all of them, even with the areas of cornyness. It is interesting to see how the quality improved with each movie. Like you, I liked Fireproof the best. I wasn't sure that I would like it because it had Kirk Cameron in it. I think Kirk is a good actor, but I am not too crazy about the "Way of the Master" program he is associated with. But, I thought he was good in Fireproof, as was the rest of the cast.

As far as being biased goes, like you say, "they are our family." Who would fault a mother being biased torward her son or a brother to his sister.

Unfortunately, we sometimes treat others better than we treat our Christian family.

So, as those who have been chosen of God, holy and beloved, put on a heart of compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience; bearing with one another, and forgiving each other, whoever has a complaint against anyone; just as the Lord forgave you, so also should you. Beyond all these things put on love, which is the perfect bond of unity. Col 3:12-14

In Christ,

Matthew Daelon said...

Hey Gary!

Kirk is a great actor, but like you, I'm not fond of some things I hear on the Way of the Master. I like that they get the point across of God's grace and they explain that no one will be justified through the Law, but it's my opinion that they focus a little much on being am, "good Christian". Christians are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus!

I think we can easily become more focused on unbelievers than believers. I don't think it's wrong to worry about unbelievers, but WE are family.

Joel B. said...

I like Kirk, but I sometimes wish he would loosen up a little. :) He was a really funny guy as a child/teenage actor, and he got so darn serious when he became a Christian. I think I went through a phase when I kind of lost my personality, but eventually I realized that God didn't kill my soul, He simply gave me a new life as the basis for it!

Way off of the topic of the actual movie. Just the thoughts that came to my mind... LOL :)

Bino M. said...

Okay, I have heard enough good things about this movie that now I can't wait much to watch it...

Matthew Daelon said...


There is actually quite a bit of comedy in the movie.

I went through and still go through guilty of relaxing and being myself. It's difficult to learn to loosen up, but little by little, I'm cracking open. I guess the main thing is, when I be myself, some traits of my personality remind me of who I used to be and it scares me.

Matthew Daelon said...


Get out there and rent it, brother!!! To be a chick-flick type movie, I adored it. There are very few love story movies I like.

lydia joy said...

just rented it, watching it now..............!!!!

lydia joy said...

aaahh, I'm all soggy wet and weepy over here...........Oh Becky that part got me good too, and I am so not a crier!! I liked this movie better than I thought would..........thanks Matt for bringing it up!!

Matthew Daelon said...


Sorry I didn't get to your comment! But yes, I would definitely recommend you renting it. Kirk said he spent a long time trying to make this movie a great one, and he did. He did a wonderful job acting.

I love Chick-Fil-A's waffle fries and cool veggie wraps with that delicious sauce they give you!! YUM!

Matthew Daelon said...

You're welcome, Lydia. :) Glad you liked it!

Joel B. said...


That's cool... Yeah it took me a long time to break out of my shell and I'm definitely still in the process. :)

On the subject of comedy, in my 'former life' I used to write a lot of short stories, jokes and poems that were not exactly the cleanest, if you know what I mean. LOL. My wise cracks were also the same. Then when I began walking with the Lord I found my mind was still working in that gear, and I eventually prayed - and I don't recall exactly what my prayer was - but it was along the lines of wanting my jokes and poems, etc, to be 'clean.' I quickly found myself being able to write things that reflected the nature of Christ, and that was cool.

Yeah, I don't mean to put Kirk down at all. Like you and others have said, I don't necessarily like all the Way of the Master things, but yet there are some really great things.

Perhaps my comment was grounded in the fact that I remember him making me laugh so much on Growing Pains, and then suddenly we see this 'straight' guy on The Way of the Master, and to me it seemed as if he totally lost his personality. It's just my own problem - I really want Mike Seaver back!!! LOL :)

I can totally see him wanting to get away from his past though. I get it, and it makes sense.

lydia joy said...

what the heck is 'Way of the Master'? I am clueless.......

Growing pains was one of my favorite shows growing up.......I like the new Kirk, the one with the CHRIST in him!!! What a beautiful transformation he went through in the movie, huh?
Keith kept saying, how amazing Caleb's dad was......faithful, persuing, sharing truth, loving!!
And then they renewed their vows with the cross in the background.........oh my, oh my!!

good stuff........

Joel B. said...

The Way of the Master is a ministry with Ray Comfort and Mike Seaver, um, I mean Kirk Cameron. :) I first heard of Comfort about 15 years ago when he preached a message called "The Ten Cannons of God's Law," based upon how the law leads a person to Christ. He would talk about guilt, conviction, etc, that came from the law.

Later he joined together with Kirk and the message became "Hell's Best Kept Secret," and they taught it together on a TV program called The Way of the Master. At Matthew said earlier, they make it very clear that no one is justified by the law. I'm very thankful that that message is out there on TBN!

But then they get into a few other things, including, if I remember right, some talk about the law being useful in guiding the Christian's life. At least one time I heard them making reference to that. And then there's the 10 Principles for New Christians. Makes my skin crawl, just a bit. ;)

But I really respect Kirk and his passion. I listened to a half hour interview with him a few weeks ago on a local station, and he knows where he stands. Apparently there's a kissing scene in the movie? He says he did not want to kiss the actress who played his wife, so they brought in Kirk's real wife and made it into a silhouette scene... so he was really kissing his own wife. That's cool!

The Lewis Family said...

You know, I got pretty serious too after seeing the realiy of what Jesus did for me. I was a totally different person in one way: stronger in my belief in Him and no longer depressed or searching, but I think I got a little defensive around people such as family who didn't understand why I suddenly "quit" missions college and hopped on a motorcycle and went across the country, so happy to be free and so excited to share. . . That defensiveness made me a little too serious I think. As though I had to maintain or prove something.

I am glad you enjoyed it Lydia! I am quite a cynic when I watch those sort of movies. Especially cause I get cheesed out when there are firemen next to a firetruck with lights going off greeting us at the door of this auditorium where we were er brought to watch the movie. It was difficult for me. People were trying so hard. . . Ai ai ai

Jamie said...

Hmmmm, interesting thread. I have avoided the movie BECAUSE churchianity SO endorsed it! Ick. Maybe, I'll give it a whirl. Usually, I like seeing God things in SECULAR stuff. "Christianity" just seems to TRY SO HARD. Double ICK.

The Lewis Family said...

Those were my sentiments exactly Jamie, ha ha ha!

Jamie said...

Bad girls think alike...heh, heh,
heh. :D

Matthew Daelon said...


I can definitely relate!! It's still a bit uncomfortable for me to unwind because I don't wanna go too far. Sometimes I get a big head when I act goofy and make an idiot of myself. But being somber and "holy" wears you out!! LOL

I never watched Growing Pains. I liked Charles in Charge though. He wasn't in that, but I figured since we were discussing 80's sitcoms, I'd throw that in there. :) Also, there was Night Court, Alf and Wonder Years. Those were later 80's though. But I LOVE Wonder Years!!

Joel B. said...


In my ongoing process of unwinding and coming out of my shell, I look back and I see that at times I've made some mistakes... trying so hard to not be wound up that I acted like someone that I wasn't really... LOL... but it's those times that have also helped me to recognize more of who I truly am.

In other words, it's ok to make mistakes along the way of discovering who you really are. :) The hard part has been when I've made a fool out of myself by being who I'm not, but again, those are always learning experiences. I'm thankful for the friends in life who will accept me even when I've goofed up like that. Those types of friends are rare.

And I'm also thankful that when I've made a fool out of myself for the right reasons, that it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks!

80's sitcoms, eh. Don't get me started! haha! For quite some time I really enjoyed the Thursday night lineup on NBC ("Must See TV"). Programs like Cheers, Night Court, Wings, etc.

I was somewhat into the Wonder Years. It didn't 'grab' me, so to speak, but I liked watching it. Alf was one of my fav's too! They show reruns on WGN sometimes, and I've gotten the kids into Alf. :)