Saturday, August 29, 2009

Making a Whip of Cords

Watching Gordon Ramsay, the hot-headed chef on BBC has caused me to think about some things.

Living under fear of going to hell because I might not be sincere enough, I was afraid to be forward with people. I thought that if they got mad at me, then that meant that I had sinned. It was easy for me to feel guilty having the mindset I had.

But now I am admiring the forward, take charge personalities that are honest with people. I guess it's the honesty that I am impressed with.

Some people would criticize Gordon for his excessive use of the F word and his hot-headedness, but honestly, I admire it. After being stuffed up inside my head of Galatianism, Gordon is a breath of fresh air with his honesty. I always thought it was wrong to be...intense. Then I look at Jesus and He flipped over people's tables, poured out their money and hit animals with whips. Jesus was intense. He is the perfect man, not using power and authority to lord over people, but to lovingly point out wrong and to correct it. He lived perfectly in the Spirit of power, love and of a sound mind.

I'm not saying Gordon is a perfect expression of this, I'm simply saying I admire his intensity and bluntness. I've seen him tear people down and then build them up. It's impressive.

Make of it what you will. This is just what has been on my mind lately.


lydia said...

I think I'd much rather hang out with Gordon Ramsay than most christians! Honest! Or even people that aren't christians but 'good moral' people. Not that there's anything wrong with doing good and being moral, but I think you catch my drift. I too like people who speak their mind and just say it like it is. Honesty, reality - good stuff!! (I don't love the F-bomb so much, but I hate religious'ness' even more)

I love how you speak your mind and share your thoughts openly on here Matt. You are a bold, forthright, tell it like it is kinda guy!!! ;)

Matthew Campbell said...

Yeah, the F bomb is a bit much. I guess it's the attitude behind it that I admire. lol

And thank you. God is easing me out of my shy personality to relax in front of people and be real.

lydia said...

........he's burning you beautiful ;)

Anonymous said...

I can overlook the f-word (even though I dont like it) but arrogance and aggression is far from being forward and honest. I watched some of his show on youtube just to see what he was like and he called being arrogant, aggressive, humiliating and imtimidating to people being constructive. Personally I would rather just hang out with myself and my ghost than anyone religious or that guy. To chose one is to go from one bad extreme to another bad extreme. Sorry Matt, not trying to be hard but Jesus was always loveing and gentle never aggressive or humiliating like that and I know he "drove the animals out" but I don't recall it ever saying he "hit or lashed them". One that I watched was at I would hate to think of anyone who I have grown to respect and see a deep and loving spirit in like you Matt being inspired by such a hot head like this guy.
In love,

Matthew Campbell said...


I wouldn't ever do or say the things Gordon does. If you read it that way, you misunderstood what I said. I meant I appreciated his ability to be blunt with people.

Anonymous said...

I understand, I just don't reckon blunt is good, it ends up coming about in a hurtful way like getting hit by someone. I've often heard it said that a blunt comment is like a punch in a nose, what is behind that is that it always hurts. I may have not commented much in the past, but my wife and I have read your post since the first post, and Joels as well. In fact its from Joel that we found yours, so in a way I reckon we have gotten to know you pretty well and appreciate the person you are. You don't need to be blunt, or forward, or anything you are not. Your a perfectly sensible, kind hearted, every growing, loving person. I feel confident in making that judgement simply because of how long my wife and I have followed your struggles and watched you grow. Like Dr. Suess says Matt, "Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." We don't mind anything you say or do, as long as you are being you.
All our love,

lydia said...

I think Matt is grateful to be growing into a more bold person, not fearful of people and what they think (you know that whole fear of man thing), and a certain assertiveness is attractive to him, as he grows in confidence in who he really is, rather than living in fear, which I think any of us can relate to. I think as we grow in grace, we get to know who we really are!!! We blossom under grace!!!
Paul sure was assertive with people as he preached the Gospel and would not shrink back!!!
Anyway just my 2 cents, and thought I'd speak up for my lil bro, if that's ok!!!

Anonymous said...

Again I understand, however I must point out that I was only trying to say that this man Gordon is not assertive, bold, or even blunt, but rather conceited, arrogant, hurtful, and a show-man. Everything opposite of Paul, Paul was bold in preaching the Gospel, but if he was not received he shook the dust from his feet and moved on. In the face of everything else but preaching the Gospel, like Jesus, Paul always from what I read displayed peacefulness, and gentile nature. A combination Gordon knows nothing about, and I just felt it good to caution someone who I have grown to think of as a friend even though obviously I'm not regarded given my own lack of "being out there in comments and posts". Grace has been a grand healer to me and many others I see, and even helped me in being more out spoken as you have narrated. However the man that I am could never, however hungry to be more forward, never bear a moment of such arrogant meaness that I witnessed on a single youtube clip. I felt sick most of the night at how he made those people feel. Suffice it to say good intentions taken wrongly is why I parted from reading blogs and commenting previously and supposed it to be some defect within myself, it still may be but its evident that my exclusion from any community, dispite my position in Christ, is final. I shall not bother again, I'm sorry if anything other than affection was taken.

Matthew Campbell said...

Thanks, Ron. :) That was very kind and encouraging to me. I understand some people don't like Gordon's ways, and thats okay, I totally understand. But for me, I believe I have seen something more than the yelling and cussing.

Lydia, you explained the point I was trying to make perfectly. The point I was trying to convey was about as clear as mud in my head when I wrote it lol.

And please, Ron, feel free to comment anytime. Your words touched me and I don't take offense at all to what you said, though I disagree with your opinion on Gordon Ramsay. Disagreements are sure to come.

Jamie and I are proof of that LOL! But I still love her and she is quite fond of me as well. :)

lydia said...

I heard your heart lil bro :)

Hey Ron, there was nothing wrong at all with what you shared and I honestly know nothing about Gordon Ramsay, so I can't say anything about him per se. I just heard what Matt was trying to say and thought I'd share. I think you have alot of valuable things to share. It isn't always easy communicating in this realm or through this medium, BUT, it does get better with practice and it is worth it. I was happy to see you back on the scene bro. Peace to you!!

Jamie said...

Uh oh, Boo!! I think I just DISAGREED with you over at Lyd's !!! Ahahahahaha!! You know me too well. :)

I think you all make excellent points. What is cool is that we look like Christ in out own unique way, not some Stepford Bride role we are forced into. I think the happy medium here is being assertive without being aggressive. There is a difference. Jesus wasn't passive nor aggressive; he was assertive.

Love & Grace.

Aida said...

This really has been an interesting conversation with some really great comments. I understand what you're saying Matthew and I understand Ron's perspective too.

I consider Darin Hufford a really good friend but Darin is definitely edgy although I don't think he's rude or arrogant. A few years ago, I would have been turned off by his style but now I admire it in HIM. My temperament is the exact opposite of his and I'm definitely not as bold as he is but I am who I am and that's how God has wired me.

Now that I'm getting free, I see a boldness comimg out but, I'll never be as bold as Darin and that's okay. I've come to love and enjoy who I am while I love and enjoy who he is.

Aida said...

BTW, I don't mean for my comments to become a discussion about Darin Hufford. I was just using my friendship with him as an example to get my point across that I can admire someone else's personality and still be very happy with who I am.

The Lewis Family said...

Have you seen Gordon Ramsay with his daughter? He is such a softy when it comes to his kids. . .

Matthew Campbell said...


I totally get what you're saying. I think all Christians have boldness in them, even if it has not yet made its appearance. Everyone is unique and different.

I don't believe Gordon is a Christian, but I do admire some of his qualities.

Becca, I have seen him with his children on his show F Word and he does seem to be a great dad. I've even seen him close to tears when the time came to kill the hogs he had raised for his restaurant.