Saturday, February 25, 2012

Home's Where The Heart Is

I was thinking about something a bit random while driving to work today.

A coworker and friend of mine, who is an Atheist, told me that his problem with Christianity primarily stems from the way he was raised. He was raised to attend Church every Sunday, regardless of whether he wanted to go or not.

He never wanted to go.

He mentioned to me that his brother, and all of the other kids loved going, but he hated it. He would rather stay at home, watch television or play video games as kids are wont to do.

Now, I can understand the reasoning behind a parents desire to have their children go to Church. It's not wrong to desire that your kids learn about Jesus. However, if that is the reason behind you forcing your unwilling child to attend Church, then perhaps your good intentions are misguided. If your sole purpose is for them to learn about the Lord, then mayhaps you should learn about Christ yourself and teach your son or daughter in a more comfortable fashion for them. That is, if they are not comfortable in a Church-type setting.

Many, including myself, are not comfortable in that type of setting. I would have loathed obligatory Church attendance as a child and it would have only served in embittering me toward God.

But, learning at home, from your own mother and father, could be a much better way for a kid to experience the love of God. What better way to learn about the love of The Father than from your own father?

Not that I'm a parent.

I feel a tugging at my heart for this friend because I feel if he only knew what I saw 6 years ago this month, those bitter memories would be brushed aside like an unwanted cobweb.

It's imperative for people to understand that God is so different from the way he has been portrayed by so many well-intentioned believers.


Matthew said...

I used a quote in here that's from Paolini's book "Eldest". :)

Samantha said...


I was just talking yesterday with a woman of faith that is getting tired of "playing church" because church can drive people away. God can reach people in a myriad of ways in a myriad of places. And not that I'm a parent yet either, but I think the most important place that can happen is at home, not at church.

Great thoughts! :)

Matthew said...

Yes, I agree, Samantha. Church can definitely drive people away. I reckon people rely too much on going to a building every week to, "keep the fire going".

I think fellowship with other believers is integral for the renewal of our minds, but burnt-out believers are using the church as a lazy-means of performing their self-made "duties".