Friday, June 20, 2008


What if there were no hypothetical situations?


Nicole said...

Hey Matt, just thought I would share this with you in reguards to Hypathetical Situations. Kent, a blogger friend wrote this-

Hypotheticals are a form of future tripping and Jesus doesn't exist in those imagined futures. So we are left all alone there with our fear, and all that makes sense is self-preservation.

Your thoughts???

The Lewis Family said...

There would be no irony, and what fun would that be. . . :)

Matthew Daelon said...

Hey Nicole,

I agree with that I guess. It took me a minute to understand though lol. I think it's easy for us to look into the future and see nothing but bad things happening with no God to be with us through those bad things. And then we usually try to keep those bad things from happening that haven't even happened yet. Which isn't trust in God at all.

A big fear of mine was a hypothetical situation actually. I would worry myself over and over, fearing that if I were to be persecuted for Jesus and someone was telling me either to renounce Jesus or die, would I deny Him? I drove myself nuts! I was always trying to make sure I wasn't too afraid to die for Him or endure for Him. But Malcolm Smith revealed to me that that kind of thinking comes from not trusting in God.

We're only given the Grace to live in the now. So of course I didn't have the Grace to endure persecution because I wasn't under persecution!