Monday, June 16, 2008

Prayer Request

I just want to ask everyone to please say a prayer to God for my neighbor Wayne. He is in desperate need of the love of God. Just pray that I would be open to allow the love of Christ to minister to him. I'm really afraid of showing affection and things. Just pray that I would be filled with the love of Christ for Wayne's sake and that I would pray for him often as I ought to. He needs hope.


Nicole said...

Hey Matt, was this the guy you were telling me about last week?

I will still continue to pray!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Matthew Daelon said...

Hey Nicole,

Thanks so much for your prayers. I'm not sure if it is. I think I told you about Jordan. He is having a lot of doubt about his salvation.

Wayne is my neighbor. He isn't in good health at all and he is in a bad way. He seems to have no hope and people are taking advantage of him. I just want to be a source of hope and to be able to tell him the greatest news anyone has ever heard. But I also don't want to force it on him...I want to sincerely be his friend and to sincerely love him with the love of Christ.

Thanks so much for your prayers big sister!!

Nicole said...

Hey Matt!

Yeah no prob. Now that I think about it, it was Jordan who you mentioned to me when we were chatting! I will continue to pray for both of them! So, do you have any updates on Jordan? I was just curious and concerned!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Matthew Daelon said...

I'm not sure. I haven't chatted with him in about 2 days. Hopefully we can chat tonight. But the last time I spoke to him he did seem to relate to some past blog posts. He, in my opinion, is just caught up in the trick the devil uses to get our eyes off of Jesus and onto ourselves by constantly evaluating ourselves to see whether or not we are saved. It's just the flesh's unwillingness to live by faith in Jesus alone. It makes no sense to our heads.

Thank you for praying for them. I really really appreciate it. They both need prayer badly.