Monday, June 9, 2008

Passion of the Christ/The Great Divide-Scott Stapp

Amazing video!!


Nicole said...


Great find! I love this video! I remember months ago coming across this video and getting the chills just like I did right now watching it! I honestly believe that Scott Stapp believes in Father, even if he didn't call his band a "christian" band! I remember hearing him talk about how harsh is Father was towards him and how his father would make him memorize scripture when he would mess up as a punishment. He became bitter towards his father and a lot of his songs from the band Creed were about his up bringing and what he thought about God. It is really amazing to hear him talk about it!!!


In Freedom, Nicole!

Nicole said...

Another thing I may add is it seems to me when Scott Stapp went solo he ditch religion and held on to Jesus which is awesome to see because that rarely happens!