Thursday, October 7, 2010

Being a "Good" Christian

My Christian life feels so strange now. It feels like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders. These past 3 years of understanding and believing in the grace of God have totally destroyed an old, faulty, legalistic Christian paradigm and replaced it with a completely new paradigm centered around faith, hope and love.

No longer am I concerned with Christian niceties or making sure that my life revolves around endless sermons on behavior change.

Now, contrary to popular understanding, I believe you can be a liberal democrat and be a Christian.

I believe you can have the world's worst potty mouth and be a sincere follower of Christ.

I believe you can struggle with drug addictions, alcohol addictions, you name it, and still be a committed follower of Christ.

I believe you can listen to the crudest music you want and yet be a genuine lover of Christ.

I believe you can be a filthy, messy, screwed up, dumb ass and yet be one of those that will receive great honor and glory upon the return of Christ.

Why do I believe such things now? Because I saw that I had nothing to offer God under the supervision of the law. I am fully assured I could never accomplish any feat of holiness or righteousness by what I do or do not do. I was a law man.

Now, I am a faith man. Since the law could not accomplish what I wanted it to accomplish in my life, and since God demands faith as the channel through which we are made supremely right with him by the finished work of Jesus Christ, I figured I would be the best faith-man he has ever seen. I'll be the dumbest, most outlandish, insane idiot with a reckless faith in God. By the power of the Holy Spirit, I will believe in his goodness and grace toward me even if it means dying. What else do I have to offer God except faith? Nothing.

Faith is all that God requires of me and since faith is all that I have to give, I will gladly be ruthless with it. I'll stubbornly set my face toward Christ, the cross and the resurrection. Nothing else.

When the end comes, and I stand before God, he will say to me, "Well done, well done! You are exactly what I've been looking for: someone crazy enough to believe what I told them!"

The kingdom of God is not a place that shuts out everyone but the 'righteous'. The kingdom of God throws a huge feast, and invites anyone crazy enough to believe that they're allowed in.


Anonymous said...

Matthew ,
I enjoy your blog . Got it on my favorites list .

Jamie said...


Happy Birthday, Matt! (I'm getting a jump on the vast hordes!!)

We love you muchly.

Matthew Campbell said...


We have missed you, precious!