Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I think maybe God is teaching me something about His love for me and for all humans.

I think back to a verse in Revelation. John talks about the wedding the Church and Christ and the beautiful dress the bride wears for Christ are the righteous deeds of the saints.

I thought came into my mind as I was praying to God about how hard it is to grasp and receive His perfect love. I said it before I even thought it, but It had been somewhere other than my mind before it came from my mouth. "I want to be lovely for You, Father." ...It is a common thing you hear that wives can have a hard time accepting their husbands love and their continuous reassurances of how much the husband loves them even without make up, wearing pajamas.

I had a thought that possibly God is shouting His love to us the same way, yet we don't fully receive it or trust it. I know it is a struggle for myself and plenty of other Christians. How could God, knowing us fully, in and out, completely and wholly naked before Him, love us? Because God is a being of love. We hear it all the time that God loves us, not because of who we are, but because of who He is. A good remedy for these doubts is to look at Christ Jesus. God willingly gave up His son to the most brutal life, rejection and death anyone could have faced. God gave as much as infinitely possible. His own self. He tore Himself in half. God was separated from Himself on the cross. He tore His own being in half to bring us to Himself.

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Through_My_Eyes said...

It IS crazy to think about how God loves us unconditionally. Sometimes I look at myself and almost convince myself that I'm too bad for even God. Yet his Promises are true, and you are on the money. It's good to see someone who is actively searching for their position in Him.