Saturday, April 21, 2007


Um. It's early. I'm talking 8:25 in the morning early.

We are going to a tailgate party at Winthrop Lake today. Winthrop, being our college..With a lake. Yeah. I figured it would be good for me to stretch my legs and be around people. I've noticed it's when I'm sitting at home quiet when I get in my moods, because I'm not used to being around people. The main reason I get angry is because I get comfortable being alone and then people come in and are noisy and peppy. That really burns my cabbage. Thats right. It burns my cabbage.

Anyway, I think the Lord is wanting me to do this for a number of reasons. To help rid myself of my fear of people and crowds and to help with my irritable issues. To sum things up, I am trying to love people. All people. Not just the pretty people, smart people or people whom I have things in common with. I want to love all people. I don't necessarily think I am able to like all people, but Jesus has commanded me to love all people. Not just the ones I like. This will help in getting my feet wet. Or, foot. I feel like I have all these new and exciting powers in myself that I want to let out of this box of a body. I want the power of love. Real love. The kind God has for us. Not the sappy, shallow and rootless love that the world today tries to con you into buying because of it's small price and instant satisfaction. Love is also commitment. But my problem is I can't even be consistent in cleaning the house everyday.

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