Monday, March 10, 2008

The Best Part of Wakin' Up...


Joel Brueseke said...

"I'm smellin' coffee, birds are singing just outside..."

I actually have something sad to say about this today! I haven't had coffee in about a week, and I really miss it!

I have a condition known as "Barrett's Esophagus," which is basically an advanced version of erosive esophagus. I had surgery about 4 or 5 years ago to help with this, and it helped a lot, but I still have problems with it.

Well, during the past few weeks, I've been experiencing discomfort in my upper belly/lower chest area - which is the bottom of the esophagus and top of the stomach - whenever I drink coffee! In other words, my favorite drink is irritating my insides, and I have to lay off the coffee for a while! :( And then when I do drink it again, I have to begin drinking it with much more moderation than I've been used to.

It's like a major change in my life, kind of like the loss of a good friend! Hopefully my insides will heal up and I'll be able to enjoy my coffee (and Pepper Jack cheese) again sooooon!

Matthew said...

What a bummer!!! I'll ask God to heal that up for you! Thats gotta be miserable. I'll definitely pray for you in that area, brother. I've come to rely on coffee to wake me up and get my mind going in the mornings so I know it is a major change! I've heard for the first few days of coming off of it, it's hard to focus and stuff.

Omygosh! I friggin LOVE pepper jack. Ever tried a grilled pepper jack cheese sandwich? lol. I invented them...not really...but they're good. I love melted pepper jack. I will definitely have to pray for you!! Man cannot live without coffee and pepper jack!!!

Nicole said...

Wow Joel, I can relate to that! When I am sick, drinking coffee makes me sick. Yeah, something that I can hardly touch when I am sick, but when I am not, I can't live with out my 'best friend'... LOL! I will pray for your swift return to coffee Brother!

Work'n on my second cup this morning! I went to Starbucks and got a Grande Americano! WHOOA it is way strong I am going to have to delude it! ;)

Good pics Matt! Gives me a good idea for my blog! Sorry I won't be a copy cat!


In Freedom, Nicole!

Joel Brueseke said...

Thanks, Matthew, for your prayers! I love coffee... I mean, I just love it! I like drinking it at any time of the day (except close to bed, of course, for obvious reasons). I just like sipping on it throughout the day. So it's one of those "comfort" things that I'm having to live without. But the stomach/esophagus thing really is a serious issue.

Yeah, I looooooove Pepper Jack too! My wife makes great food, but often I'll start eating whatever she has made and I'll say, "You know what would this needs...?!" It's become a dinnertime staple. :) I'll go shred or cut up some Pepper Jack and melt it into whatever dish we're eating.

I also put it on all my sandwiches, on eggs, on hash browns, on anything that goes with cheese! (And many things go with cheese that didn't used to...).

Joel Brueseke said...

I must've been typing my comment at the same time as you, Nicole. Thanks also for your prayers!

Matthew said...


I've never heard of a Grande Americano. I need to try that...It sounds right up my alley lol. And by all means, be a copy cat!


You're most welcome for the prayers. I totally know what you mean about sipping on it throughout the day. I do the same. I drink it cold, lukewarm, hot, whatever. I prefer freshly made but I'm not picky. I love to sip on it all day. I think I have a slight ADD problem and coffee seems to help with it. I can focus in reading much better and things like that. It's sort of like good oil for the car. It just makes my brain run smooth lol.

I don't use it that often as I made myself take a break from it (by not buying it!) because cheese is one of my favorite things and it's also not very good at helping me stay at my desired weight! lol I need to lose a few pounds and the cheese doesn't help! But I LOVE melted pepper jack. I'll throw a few slices on a plate, stick it in the microwave and BAM! Instant goodness.

Nicole said...

"Instant Goodness" I love it!

I will have to use that line...

LOL there I go again copying you, Sorry:(