Monday, March 3, 2008

Brian Regan - Stupid in School

One of Joel's comments on my last post reminded me of this Brian Regan recording.


Nicole's Godblog said...

I saw a flock of Moosen too :)

LOL! Good one Matt!

Aida said...

Matthew, that was hilarious. It also reminded me of the Bible drills that children are forced to do in Sunday School. There were always those kids that couldn't find the book of Hosea or Obadiah. (I still have trouble finding them.) Of course, there was always that child who could easily find Nahum and made everyone else look unspiritual.


Daelon said...

I still have trouble finding those books!!! I'll flip forever trying to find Hosea, Zephaniah or Jonah lol.

I'm glad I never had to go through that! Although in a private Christian school I went to, they required you memorize certain scriptures in order for you to go on field trips and such. Needless to say I never went on a field trip. ;)