Saturday, March 8, 2008

Writin' In My Blawg

It's Saturday morning and I am home by myself at the moment, drinkin' some coffee in my cream lol. Nestle's french vanilla coffeemate is the stuff. I suggested that they make a chocolate coffee cream. Some hardcore coffee drinkers don't appreciate coffee cream, but I'm still not man enough for black coffee. Maybe one day...

Anyway, it's March and the wind is blowin' harrrrd outside today. I love the wind, but not so much when it's chilly outside. We have a few of our flowers blooming outside in our pots already. The grass in the field left to our house is starting to pop up nice and green after a long summer drought, followed by the cold winter. I love to stand outside and look at the bright blue flowers popping up in the grass. All I know to tell God is "beautiful, Father".

I played the video game Halo 3 with my little brother Josh and my older cousin Paul last night for about 3 hours. It was really fun and I enjoy hanging out with them. They're both hilarious. Josh is very competitive lol. Paul has really witty humor and keeps me crackin' up.

Yesterday I was able to share to Gospel with my mom again for a little while. It wasn't planned. It just sort of happened and then once I get going, I don't stop. I have to be careful at times because I want to explain EVERYTHING in 5 seconds or less. When I see her face light up with revelation of God's grace, I get the feeling of "You think thats great!? Wait 'til I tell this!!" and on and on I go haha. I trust God cleans up my mess.

Sometimes I tend not to explain things very well when I get excited and I just remembered how Paul had the same problem. He said to the Corinthians that he didn't come preaching in really pretty speeches or anything, but simply let God reveal it to the people by the Spirit. That is very encouraging to know that it's not my job to make people understand the Gospel, believe it, and commit themselves to trust in it. God is the one who causes the growth.


Nicole's Godblog said...

Hey Dude!

Coffee lover eh? Me too. I am truly and utterly addicted. I used to only drink latte's but since I finished college I started drinking straigt up double shot americano's. The best. I do like it with cream once in a while usually the flavor kind, like you said, all the Nestle flavors are good, except the gingerbread flavor, not so good! Yeah, I usually can't leave home unless I have a cup o' jo. If you really want to ease onto straigh black coffee its real simple, but give your self some time, ease off slowly, maybe add less and less cream until you find it pointless to even use it, then try it black! But, cream is always good. I am a coffee NUT and that doesn't mean I am against cream I just don't use it all that often.


In Freedom, Nicole!

Daelon said...

Haha! I tried the gingerbread this past winter!! I hated it myself.

I know! I've actually thought about weening myself off of cream by using less and less. It would be much more convenient to grab my coffee and drink it straight. Thats a goal to set for myself lol.

I'm a coffee nutter as well. Not as advanced as my Veteran neighbor. He'll drink 3 pots of coffee in a day, bless him. I've not yet gotten to that point, but I'll have about 2-3 cups a day. Right now I'm drinking Folgers gourmet. We had been paying like 10 bucks for bags of Caffino's stuff (yum!)

Anyway...yeah, I love coffee too! lol

Bino B. Manjasseril said...

I think usually Christians drink a lot of coffee to ease off their stress of being a Christian! :)
I used to drink a lot of Coffee when I was a legalistic Christian. Now that I have Grace, I drink green tea to lose that extra-legalistic-pounds! lol!

BTW, great post!

Matthew said...

HAHA. I hear you, Bino! Coffee helps me to be on my toes. Am I confessing legalistic tendencies here? whoops...

I love coffee because it can be 10 minutes after waking up and it can make me wide awake. I hate feeling lethargic and slouchy. icky.

Nicole said...

Me too. Coffee is a really great boost of aliveness!

Its funny, but I can completely understand how being an 'active' Christian can be very stressful!
Been there and done all of that...