Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Comfort of Condemnation

On the way home from Wal-Mart today, I noticed a car with an interesting choice of bumper-stickers. One was a Jesus fish and under it was a sticker of the tablets of the Ten Commandments.

We like to preach the theory of Grace, but we're very quick to put some fine print (The Law) at the bottom of the contract in order to keep control of things. And I agree with legalists. Control, constant self-analysis and condemnation make me feel very safe. Without such things to keep me on my toes, I'm liable to live in laziness and sin! Don't take the whip I use to beat myself in the back with! It is the only thing that keeps me in the faith! It's the only thing that keeps me motivated to serve God! Without it, I'm just another sinner like everyone else, doomed for hell!

These are actual thoughts I have. They may not be so blunt, but that's basically what I hear from myself all the time. Kent's blog post inspired my thoughts on this subject today.

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Bino Manjasseril said...

Have you heard, Law is the rails (tracks) on which we (Christians) run?
Bob George often says, we are not trains anyways!
The mix up of Law and Grace is dangerous than the Law alone. Living in Grace alone is fearful to many. I know the feeling it makes! It takes all the man made control system away.
We have nothing else to hold onto other than Jesus Himself. But I am saying it is a risk worth taking. I don't want to trample the Son of God under my foot by going back to the Law!