Friday, May 2, 2008

Read Scripture!

Whats up, guys?

I've just been sitting here fooling around on the computer, watching videos of old wrestling matches of Shawn Michaels. Today is my mama's birthday (for her sake I will not disclose her age).

I woke up with no breakfast, so I decided (bad decision) to make some "seriously hot" Johnsonville sausage for breakfast. Sausage always makes me feel fat and lazy. I guess it's all the grease. I think I would have felt better leaving my stomach to eat itself lol.

After that I continued reading the book Eragon of the Inheritance trilogy. I had no idea, but the guy who wrote these books is very young. Just a few years older than I am actually. He has quite the vocabulary as well. He is definitely gifted at writing. I'm also thankful that in the back of the book, he lists certain names of people and places and tells you how to pronounce them. I have a tough time understanding how to pronounce words in medieval fantasy books.

Right now, I'm chillaxin', writing in the blog and I have music from Joel's myspace playing (great stuff by the way). I may go over to my neighbors house and play some chess in a few. I don't feel much like going anywhere today. I'd like to simply sit here and read the rest of the day.

The past few days I've been digging into Matthew 12:22-32. It's been very encouraging and interesting. Seeing the Grace of God and truths of the New Covenant takes some digging most of the time. There are some passages that come right out and tell you, such as the story of the prodigal son. I've always questioned in my heart "Where is THIS God in the rest of the Bible? Where is THIS kind of message in the rest of the Bible? Or is there some sort of fine print I forgot to read?"

I rarely see that God preached. I'm still learning to see. I'm reminded of the movie the Matrix when Neo is first woken up in the real world and he looks up to Morpheus and asks "Why do my eyes hurt?" and Morpheus says, "You've never used them before."

I think our view of God is not only slightly wrong, but probably and very likely nearly completely wrong. The Truths of the New Covenant have been hidden by fear, mixture of Law and Grace in order to control, manipulate and use fear as a muzzle for sin. We use a little bit of Law in order to whip people into service. We use "balance" because we still don't yet understand. There is something we're missing. We have not dug in the Word of God, rightly dividing scripture. I think we TOO often let people interpret the Bible for us. We let our seminary training teach us to interpret scripture instead of using the truth of the Gospel and the Spirit of Truth to interpret scripture. This probably comes from unbelief. People think "Why in the world would God reveal things to me? Why would the Spirit of God speak to me? I'm not a super-spiritual person like my pastor or anything."

I want to encourage everyone to go to the scripture, the parables of Jesus and dig. Some truths are deeply hidden like diamonds. You have to dig. Don't always take things at face value. Interpret everything in light of the New Covenant we have in Jesus Christ. The Gospel means Good News. There isn't any bad news about the Good News. But sometimes we have to dig deep and seek things out in order to find them. God wants people obsessed with knowing Him. "The one who seeks finds."

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Bino Manjasseril said...

Thank you for the encouragement. In fact, I needed this. Recent days, I am seeing myself reading a whole lot of books, but less Bible... I am like I know all the stories in the NT, and I pretty much know most of the Pauline Epistles, so why bother reading it again and again? Well, I know I miss the point. There is the treasure hidden in even tiny little stories... Your post certainly encourages me to get back to the basics once again and see how God can speak to me through the wonderful accounts of 4 gospels... Thank you!