Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Just Wanta Love

I am home from visiting with Ryan and Jamie. It was so wonderful to be with them!!! I miss them both a lot. Ryan is so comforting to be around. He is so comfortable with himself and who he is in Jesus. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him play the piano and hearing him and Jamie sing the songs they had written.

At their Church it was amazing to worship with them!! The worship level, when grace is being taught without mixture is absolutely beautiful. When the lyrics to a certain song said 'You are my God', I could believe it!!! My eyes watered up while I listened to Ryan and the band play and Jamie give her word. It was incredible!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie and Ryan sent me home with a bunch of grace-goodies to read and listen to. I got my hands full. ;)

Right now I just miss them all. I just love their company. Even if they ain't sayin' anything (I think my southern accent is resurfacing a little).

The only thing I wish I could take away was the stupid timidity I feel! Ahh!! I long to be affectionate and just to be me.

Another person I absolutely LOVED meeting was Tommy, a close friend of Ryan and Jamie. He has the most gentle, loving, humble and honest spirit. He hugged me! A GUY, the first time I met him, hugged me and told me he loved me! And the crazy thing is is that I love him too!!!! I just met him!! It's because Jesus is in him and me, burning us beautiful. Burning us holy.

And TERRI! Jamie's sister! Ahh...She is so wonderful and free. I want to be free like her. She is wide open with nothing holding her back. I wanna be like that. The thrill of no borders or boundaries...She is so funny and kind...I hope she knows she never offended me in the least.

And Jamie's mom!! I only spoke to her briefly. But the tender, warm love of Jesus is burning in her eyes. Every last one of them were like a warm fire. A place of security and sincere love. Not their flesh generated fake love. It is Jesus' own love burning in them. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has lit a fire in their hearts to be a light for the blind to see, and a warmth for those shivering in the cold of legalism. I wanna love, I wanna love, I wanna love!!! I just wanna love.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing all about your experience at Ryan and Jamie's place. It truly sounds like you had a lot of fun, some solid deep conversations, enjoyed visiting the congregation they attend, and simply spending time with their family.

Very, very cool!

~Amy :)

Free Spirit said...

Dang, I'm so jealous!!

That sounds perfectly divine in every way... to spend time with some true bona fide Papa-lovers, overflowing with grace and love. I can hardly think of anything better!

So glad you got to do that! I am believing there will be such a time for me in the future. Meanwhile, the computer's gonna have to do.

Thanks for sharing about it here!

Grace Walker said...

Matthew, I am so truly happy for you. My eyes teared up while reading your beautiful post. My heart leaps with joy for these wonderful connections that are being made.

Peace and love to you,

lydia joy said...

YAY!!! Just from this post I feel like I could momentarily teleport into your time together and be right there with you all!!

"Not their flesh generated fake love. It is Jesus' own love burning in them. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has lit a fire in their hearts to be a light for the blind to see, and a warmth for those shivering in the cold of legalism"

Matthew, I do believe you are quite a good writer, I love how you captured that truth......beautiful!!!!
I feel love oozing out of this blog like crazy........!!!!

Matthew Daelon said...


I did have a lot of fun and joy just being with them. We're hoping to get together again soon!!

Free Spirit,

Yes, these are bona fide Jesus lovers. Jesus is Who is taught every week at their Church. All I can say if you want fellowship with Jesusists is to ask Jesus. He loves His bride and delights in giving them their desires.


Thank you. :) Jesus has given me more than I could ask for with Ryan and Jamie and their family.


Thanks big sister. :) It's a move toward the authentic. The REAL deal. The REAL Jesus, the REAL work of the Holy Spirit. He is the love inside us that yearns to come out whenever we're around our family. Love isn't something man can force up or create. Love is Jesus and He spontaneously loves with His love whenever His love pleases. It feels weird to release it, but it just takes time to become really established in our new identity and really KNOW who we are.

I met some really crazy Jesus freaks this weekend. It didn't come from their efforts, but by God's Spirit. Jesus said we bear fruit with patience. :)

Bino M. said...

This is great, Matthew! Jesus's love in action! I have felt the love, grace and affection in that family through the blog posts by Jamie. You have captured it in real time and did a great job articulating it here. Thank you!

Leonard said...

Thanks for sharing this experience.

Leonard said...

Whoa,,, hang on a minute and back up the truck....

Jamie's gotta sister ???

Why This could change the out come of Ryan's falling into the combine accident...

RJW said...

An older, thinner, single, much better looking, but MEANER sister! ;)


My big sis is da bomb!!

Leonard said...

Things are finally looking up for me...

Ryan's future seems brighter also...

Joel B. said...


Sorry I missed you when y'all called me on the way back home!!! I was handling BACON when my phone rang, so I didn't check to see who was calling, and then I put the bacon in the oven to cook, and in the meantime I went to take a shower. I totally spaced off that my phone had a message, and I didn't check it till I was at work later on. By the time I called, RJW were on their way back home after having dropped you off! :(

Anyway, Jamie filled me in on your time there, and along with this post it's obvious that you all had a wonderful time together! I really didn't want to listen to Jamie because I was jealous of your time together... LOL... just kidding!

Atlanta - March - IF we ever get any info on that!

Ohio - June - SOOO looking forward to it!

Anyway, I'm truly truly thankful and happy about how your friendship with Ryan and Jamie and friends has developed so wonderfully. =D

RJW said...

Gee, Joel,

BACON is probably the ONLY legitimate excuse, good one! ;)

Matthew Daelon said...

It's ok, Joel. Bacon is one thing I completely understand.

I would LOVE for us all to be able to go to the conference in Atlanta! That would be AWESOME!!

I can't wait for us all to get together. This is going to be wonderful!!