Saturday, November 15, 2008

John Pinette

Prepare to pee your pants laughing!

There is a little language, but not much.


Grace Walker said...

ROTFL!!! That was great!! Thanks for sharing.

RJW said...

NAY, NAY! That is a big nay, nay!!!

Who has been a corrupting influence in your life?? ;)

I STILL laugh 'til I cry!

Dear lord...::gasp::gasp::

Matthew Daelon said...

I LOVE his imitation of Indian music. That's what made me laugh 'til I cried at your house when Ryan showed me. AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Aida said...

Matthew, this was hilarious!

I loved the part about the Indian food. I used to cook with curry and loved it but then I ate a curry dish in a restaurant and he's right. It's HOT!!!!

I've never eaten curry since.

Matthew Daelon said...

That's funny, Aida. I've never eaten any but we did have an Indian restaurant here for a little while. They had the most odd potato chips ever. At least I think they were potatoes.

But they do use LOTS of curry. I could smell it heavily when I walked in.

Joel B. said...

My head was hurting too much from the affects of the flu over the weekend so I didn't watch this till this morning. I'm glad I waited, coz now my head's hurting again from all the laughing! It woulda been triple the hurt on Saturday.

Aida said...

Joel, I hope you're feeling better now. Take care.

Joel B. said...

I'm feeling much better today, Aida. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

that was too funny, I've gotta look that guy up lol.