Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Maybe that's what Paul went through when he went into Arabia for 3 years without consulting with even the apostles or anyone for that matter. I think he might have needed a detox of all those years he had the Old Covenant pounded into his thinking. He needed a radical change of mind, theology and paradigm.

He wanted to learn this truth from God himself and not man. He needed truth, not man's opinion or man's ideas. After all, it was going to take God himself to change this Saul into a Paul.


Gary Kirkham said...


I heard Bob George say one time that it took God three years to beat the legalism out of Paul :)


Matthew Campbell said...

That's a short and simple way to get the point across. ;)

lydia joy said...

I have been thinking about this a bit lately, and you know what, it kinda brings me comfort in a way, that Paul had to just go be alone and get this Gospel and truth saturated into his mind..............if he had to go through a time like that, then I should be okay with where I am at, still getting rooted and established and detoxing from O.C.