Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More Grace!

Erna just added me on Facebook, and I dropped by her blog to read a few posts.

For a preview, here is a brilliant quote I just read from her blog:

"A person who truly knows God's love as demonstrated by his grace is more obedient by accident than they ever were on purpose. You know what I’m saying?"


Remember what Jesus said his sheep will answer him at the separation of the sheep and goats? The righteous answered: "Lord, when did we...?"

They were not conscious of their works. They were only Jesus conscious.


Joel B. said...

Cool, Erna friended me on FB as well but I hadn't looked into her profile at all. I'll check out her blog!

The Lewis Family said...

Hey Matthew, I had a unique dream this morning (I sleep in late) and you and Joel were in it. I posted it on my blog: Propitiation: Dreams