Friday, August 15, 2008


So I changed the color of my blog to blue. To commemorate this momentous event I decided to post Eiffel 65's "Blue".


Amy said...

Loved that song when it came out. I was into the whole Techo craze back in the early 90's. Loved Ace of Base too. Ha!

~Amy :)

Nicole said...

Matt, LOVE IT! I have the song Blue in my playlist list. I listen to it all the time! I love the color of blue that you chose. It really is a nice color to look at! I mean it bro, GREAT CHANGE!

In Freedom, Nicole!

lydia joy said...

Me too, I actually would love to go to a rave again, heehee!!

cybeRanger said...

Blue speaks of grace?

Aida said...

Matthew, I'm still trying to play catch up.

I love the new look of your blog. Great color choice. I tried watching the video but it kept saying the video was unavailable.

I'm sure I missed something great by not seeing it. After all, you know how much I love yours and Joel's music choices.