Monday, August 4, 2008


I was looking at Lydia's blog the other day and found a great website that plays great music for just relaxing and being still in God's presence. A hard thing for me to do as I constantly want my mind to be occupied with things like internet, books, movies and video games.

But it has really great music on it. There is a song on there currently called "behold" by Alberto Rivera and his wife I believe. It's my favorite.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to Behold is beautiful. I almost feel like I'm trasported to Heaven itself. Also, many other songs by Alberto Rivera are wonderful. I'm going to play these songs a lot, I have a good feeling!
~Amy :)

Free Spirit said...

Thanks, Matthew,
for the heads up! I'll be paying them many a visit, as that is the kind of music that I most enjoy!

Manuela said...

Thought I'd stop by your sight... I really enjoyed chatting the other night! Read part of your story below. Thanks for sharing! You're amazing... It really touched me, encouraged me. We've all got wounds of one sort or another.
God has chosen you and set his love on you. It's clear and awe-inspiring. I'm sure (I know) there are times it doesn't feel that way, but it's the truth and the truth is setting us all free. Glad to have "met" you! I put you on my blog list in my bookmarks. Now you have to stop by my sight :)

Free Spirit said...

Wow! I like the blue!!

Nicole said...

Nice change brother. It will take time to get used to...

(is this Matt's blog???)

In Freedom, Nicole~

Matthew Daelon said...

Thanks, Free Spirit. :)

My favorite color is blue, so I decided to change it a little.


You're lucky I didn't go cobalt. I thought that was a little too bright to stare at lol.

Anonymous said...

I decided to finally create my own Blog. I hope you will come visit "me," add me to your Feeds, read my entries, and leave comments. I'd love that!!
By the way, your Blog is in my Blogroll!

~Amy :)