Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Name Trouble

I've heard a few people on Xbox Live have trouble pronouncing my middle name. It's originally spelled Daylon, but to spice things up a bit, I spelled it "Daelon".

It's pronounced "Day-lon". Not "Day-lawn" lol.

My first name is Matthew. I prefer Matthew, but I'm mostly called Matt.


Joel Brueseke said...

LOL... I think one of your early emails to me had your full name on it, so I realized at that time that "Daelon" must be a twist on your middle name. :) When I've referred to your blog on my blog or on other blogs, I've gone back and forth between calling you "Matthew" and "Daelon." I think lately I've stuck with Daelon, because if your comment says Daelon but I call you Matthew, someone who doesn't know you might not understand who I'm referring to. :) Why are you trying to confuse everyone??? ;)

Daelon said...


You're learning, young padawon! Soon you will be a Jedi!

I like stirrin' up a ruckus hehehe

Gary Kirkham said...

Matthew (AKA Daelon),

I think I started out calling Daelon and even pondered asking you the origin of the name. I think it was Joel who told me you name was Matthew. Then you used the name Campbell and I had to be straightened out again. You are a man of mystery. :)

Daelon said...

Hey Gary,

If you piece them all together, you get my full name!

Sorry for the confusion, guys. ;)