Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Commitment or Trust? Son or Employee? Bride or Maid?

"I committed my life to God".

I understand what people mean when they say that. Maybe I am being picky, but that word aggravates me a little when people use it to describe their salvation or whatnot. My part is to trust, not to work. But I do understand the commit thing. But I would rather call it an infatuation or love. I don't "commit" my life to God. He gave His life for me.

Like Steve McVey mentioned in his recent post "The Lordship Salvation Debate", everyone who believes in Jesus has a desire to please Him. I believe that a love for the Lord, not a dedication or 'buckling down and gritting your teeth' type of thing is what controls us. Not your commitment. It's your infatuation, not your dedication. It's a desire, not a duty.

It just slightly askews the Gospel for people I think.

It sucks to dissect the meaning and happenings of relationship, but I guess it's necessary with so much religious mentalities that spring forth from feelings of inadequacy or distance from God or fear of being rejected.


Joel B. said...

Mike and I received an email from one of the listeners of our Growing in Grace program, and I've been keeping in touch with him. He recently asked me about Romans 10 where it talks about confessing Jesus as Lord. He says that he's been taught that this means that we have to "make" Jesus Lord of our lives... Of all that we do. Of our wills. Every move, every thought, every endeavor. Etc.

I replied and told him that the church has sadly added stuff to the scriptures that just aren't there! Jesus is Lord. That's the fact, Jack. Do we believe it or don't we?

As you say here, and as Steve said, those in Christ have a natural desire to please God. It's not about trying to muster up a certain amount of dedication or commitment. It's a trust, not a duty.

You're right, Matthew, it sucks having to even think about trying to persuade people of what a relationship with God is. But as you say, there is so much religious junk out there! So we simply keep on ringing the Liberty bell!

Leonard said...

"fear of being rejected."

Matt, I was just recently talking to somebody about just that issue, The fear of being weird, and was thinking out loud how that has got in the way of doing many things that would have been better to do, but instead didn't do or say them because of the fear of being weird.

Great post, thanks.