Sunday, December 28, 2008

What Would You Do?

Today, at Caffino, while I was ordering my mocha latte, a black guy came up to my passenger's window and asked for a ride. He said he had been in a car wreck and had hit a pole. His eyes were swollen and could tell something had happened to him. He said he needed a ride home. To which I said hesitated and finally said I couldn't give him a ride. I felt bad, but I couldn't trust him. I prayed for him after I got home, but I still feel down about it. I feel down because I felt fear when he approached my window. And what if he didn't intend to do anything wrong and really just needed a ride? Then I feel horrible. I wish I could have helped him...I just can't trust random people asking me for a ride. I've heard too many stories on the news...I know, I know...a Christian should trust God in all things and be fearless...But that isn't me. I am just an average guy with no heroic strength.

Under the law, I would be very condemned right now. Especially when driving home, I looked in my side mirror and saw a license plate that said JESUS. Then I remember the Scripture of people entertaining angels unawares. And how Jesus said "I was a stranger and you welcomed Me."

I wish I could have done something...and I feel bad I couldn't. But I guess I am not alone. Even the Christians who Paul first tried to join were afraid of him and didn't trust him.

I hate feeling fear, but even more so I hate giving into it. Then the devil uses moments like these to say things like, "See...You're a coward. Now what if someone were about to kill you for your faith in Christ? You would cower in a corner and renounce your faith and commit apostasy."

I refuse to accept those accusations.


Anonymous said...


Thought I'd leave a comment - as 10mins ago I was singing a song in my head called 'Entertaining Angels' by the Newsboys ( a song I haven't heard for 7 years) and then I read your post!

You're right not to take accusations from the Devil. Turn it round - maybe the guy needed you to refuse him a ride because God wanted to show/teach him something? I find in situations like that the Spirit leads me pretty clearly, sometimes I take crazy risks other times I feel restraint in my spirit.


Gary Kirkham said...

Hey Matt, I wouldn't beat yourself up or allow Satan to do it for you. I wasn't there, but something seems odd. If I was in his situation, I wouldn't be asking you for a ride home, I would be asking you to call the police or an ambulance. It could be that the fear that you were feeling was due to the Holy Spirit protecting you.

As far as the fear thing goes, the Bible tells us to "fear not," because God knows that humans are prone to be afraid. I don't think faith removes our fears, but faith enables us to act in spite of them.

In Christ,

Anonymous said...

Matt. I would be thinking the same thoughts as you if that happened to me. You know, the part about committing apostasy. I'm with you there bro. You are not alone. Thanks for being honest.

Free Spirit said...

Hey MAtt,
I'm with Jules on this one. I think you have the awesome Spirit of the Living God inside of you to guide you. If it had been His set up, or He had been wanting to act thru you, I think you would have felt an inner compulsion to fulfill the guy's request.

In these days in which we live, I think it's imperative that we listen to that still small voice (which is sometimes loud and boisterous... but usually still and small) within us, to guide. I think the very fact that you felt restraint in your spirit was super telling!

And I agree with Gary; it's just plain odd that the guy wanted "a ride home".

Aida said...

Hey Matt. I've experienced the same feelings and I think Gary, Jules and Free Spirit spoke wisely.

As Gary pointed out, if he had been in a car accident, he didn't need a ride home. He needed the police to come and fill out an accident report and to get him to the hospital.

We're not supposed to be led by the letter of the law but by the Spirit. I believe most of the time you should NOT pick up strangers. I think it should be done only at a definite prompting from God.

I personally think you acted wisely. We're not supposed to be controlled by fear but we are supposed to use wisdom and it sounds like that's what you did.

Leonard said...

My, what Awesome friends you have.

Matthew Daelon said...

Thanks for your opinions. I tend to be very naive, so thanks for offering wisdom. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure I would have tried to bum a ride either. But I don't know his whole situation. But I just can't give people rides...I should have offered to let him use my cell or something, but I didn't think about it. But rides is something I don't think I will do.

Jules, I loved that song entertaining angels. I guess I overplayed it and got bored of it, but lately I've been listening to newsboys a lot again. I love them. My favorite song would have to be 'Something Beautiful'.

Aida, you're on the money I think. After I thought through it, it would be sort of gullible to just offer rides to anyone who claimed to need one. I think if it were the Holy Spirit, I would have felt more peace and assurance about the situation.

Matthew Daelon said...

Also, ditto to what you said, Leonard. =P