Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Grace - A Living Person

The truth of grace is wonderful! But I think it's important we not turn grace into a doctrine. I know it sounds cliche among Christians who have embraced their freedom in Christ, but grace isn't a doctrine it is a person.

Jamie and I were speaking the other day on the phone and she mentioned she didn't want us to make the mistake of turning grace into the next 'it thing' of Christianity like praise & worship music was in the 90's. And then after we've had our dose of grace we move onto the next spiritual adrenaline shot. No, guys. We're not preaching grace. We're preaching Jesus. Who He is, what He has done, the way He feels towards us and His power towards us who believe in Him.

Grace is not the next popular thing to give you a new surge of spiritual energy in your Christian life, guys. Grace is Jesus. When I say grace, I mean Jesus. That's all this grace teaching is. It's Jesus. Grace is what is in His heart. Grace is simply a word to describe the love of Jesus. Unconditional love.

I've noticed Joyce Meyer and everyone seem to be jumping on the grace bandwagon in one form or another. But this isn't just some doctrine to help you in your Christian life! Jesus is the revelation of God's heart which is unconditional love!

- By the way, I am not picking on Joyce Meyer. I think she is great at sharing the truth of God's grace. I in no way intend to put her down. I just meant that I don't want this to become some new doctrine to add to the doctrine file folder so that you can whip it out whenever you need it.


Jamie said...

We're talking the difference between real, true, authentic Life and make believe!! You can't have relationship with a doctrine...

I want the REAL THING!!! :)

Bino M. said...

Sometimes the over-use of the term 'grace' makes me skeptical. Every Christian I know of (in fact any religion which exists today) one way or other uses the term 'grace'. Ask a Muslim how they receive salvation, they immediately say, by grace of God (or 'by the mercy of Allah' in their terms). I know it's tempting to put 'grace' in front of everything - such as ministry names etc, I have no problem with it but again the issue is what do we mean by it.

Your point is very valid. 'Grace' can mean many different things for many and it's easy to put down the '5 points' of 'grace doctrine' and call it something. But grace is not grace if we separate it from Jesus. The only person I know of ever lived on the planet earth who came with grace and truth is - JESUS!

... grace and truth came through Jesus Christ. - John 1:17

jul said...

great points. I still talk a lot about 'grace' but I'm learning to talk more and more about Jesus. Lots and lots and lots of people feel they are 'grace people', they think they've got that doctrine under their belt but I can quickly tell, I mean within 5 minutes of meeting someone, whether they've got grace or not.

What I mean is, do they have a dynamic Holy Spirit ongoing revelation of who God really is, what Jesus has really done for us? Do they live day by day in the joyful unfolding manifestion of their father's unchanging love for them?

Yes, it's very easy to tell...and when I meet somone that has experienced Jesus for real, we have amazing fellowship immediately! Not to say I can't fellowship with any believer but I'd be lying if I didn't say it's different.

Grace is not the next big thing, it drives me crazy when people compartmentalize it and check it off their list. Grace and truth came by Jesus, and he is the ONLY thing, the BEST thing, the key to everything we've ever dreamed of. God forbid we ever 'move on' to anything or anyone else! He can't get enough of us, and when we finally see him for who he really is and stop letting the devil tell us who we are and who God is (like he did for Adam and Eve) we won't be able to get enough of him either!

Jamie said...

Great thoughts. Jul!

When we begin to get a grip, "understanding, revelation", of just how big God's love is in Christ and how big Christ's life is in us: that which grips us, THAT TRUTH sets us free.

Joel Brueseke said...

Yes! Grace is a Person.

He happens to be a male person with a female name... Grace.

LOL... ;)

Seriously... great stuff, Matthew and everyone!