Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Frightening Freedom

"Now, having undergone our period(s) of disillusionment (i.e. Dark Night(s) of the Soul), we emerge on the other side only to discover that we do not like the look of freedom. This is understandably so because freedom is a scary thing. How does one function in a paradigm where there are no alibis, rules, codes of conduct, ethics, structures or law? How does one function in a world where morality has been surpassed and outclassed by the absurdity of grace? It is up to you to interpret freedom for yourself. Nobody is going to tell you what to do. All this new paradigm will do is reinforce who you are. So, you can neither control nor be controlled. Freedom is truly frightening as it is an alien and implausible structure to a bound guilt-stained soul."

-Taken from the Bonsai Conspiracy by Paul Anderson-Walsh

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lydia said...

Wow, that is an interesting quote and so true! How does one function in the absurdity of grace? I love that part - 'you can neither control, nor be controlled'
That's refreshing yet tricky at the same time. I see how I used to be SO controlled, and yet I also see how I used to attempt to control others (namely my immediate family) - But when love reigns in us as we have seen Grace/Jesus truly purely, we no longer want to be controlled and we no longer want to control, and then we find out what freedom is like - the ability to choose for ourself, but yet the inability to choose for others and that can be very difficult to sit back and entrust others to Him, as well as entrust ourselves to Him as we wade into the deeper waters of freedom further and further in......it really is scary, yet so wonderful too!!!

I'm thinkin' I need to get my hands on that book :)