Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The trip was great! I saw Joel again and got to meet his family and met Bino and Leonard for the first time face-to-face. Talk about exciting! I could hardly wait. When we first got to the camp ground, I scanned the area constantly for any signs of Joel, Bino or Leonard. Jamie said looking wouldn't make them show up any faster. Sometimes it's nice to pretend.

Jamie's face was buried in her laptop and Savannah and I were playing cards when we heard Joel yell from behind in his flashy PT Cruiser rental. It was so good to see him again.

Then Joel and Tracy left for the store to pick up a few things so Savannah and I took the kids to the game room. As we were walking back from the game room, Savannah pointed out that Bino and Leonard were chatting with Jamie up ahead at the place we were staying at. I was very excited and immediately tested their handshakes. Very good handshakes, Leonard and Bino. Good ol' fashioned knuckle crushers.

Thats the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it!!

I got to have some great conversations with Bino and Leonard while I was there. It was great. I felt very comfortable with the both of them, like we had known each other for years. There was no facade I felt I needed to put on. We talked honestly with each other, had a few beers (Not me of course. I'm too holy for that) and encouraged each other in grace.

Catchphrase (which Joel keeps calling Password) was probably the funniest part of our time together. We all laughed as we made fools of ourselves trying to describe the words we were given. Or maybe that was just me? Bino won MVP for the night. The clue was, "Where you go when you find out if you are guilty or not guilty." And Bino, sounding very sincere in his asking, said "Church?" It was actually court or something like that. I'm sure you've heard the story already.

I just loved the atmosphere of grace without religion. You can kick back and relax. There is no fear, no anxiety. Just people with sincere and honest hearts, being real with each other and receiving the grace of God without question. In those places you can see God's face clearly and you're not introspective. Everyone understands th basis for their acceptance and therefore there is no cause to judge each other or feel that we are being sized up.

It was REAL fellowship. It was fellowship as it was always meant to be. Just being together, encouraging each other in our faith, sharing meals and enjoying each others company.

Joel shared his coffee with me and Tracy cooked us some delicious tacos our last night together. She is a great mother to her two children and is even prettier in person. Don't beat me up, Joel! I'm just sayin'!

I wish I could explain how comforting it was to be with each one of them. I can't find a favorite.

I love them all.


Jamie said...

>I can't find a favorite.


This is ME! The FAVORITE Mama Cat...LOL!!

The Lewis Family said...

No, no, no. . . If we had been there we would have surely been your favourites. . . Ha ha. I am glad you had such a great time together. All the stories make me feel like I was almost there. Almost. . . ah, one day. . . you all will have to get your rears up to the great North West of Canada - which is where we shall be living soon God-willing.

Anyway, I must stop writing as the tapping of the fingers will not endear me to Dan who is trying to sleep right next to me.

lydia said...

Yay! More it! So happy you had this awesome opportunity!!!

Bino M. said...

I too wondered why Joel keep calling it Password game. I checked it on the Internet and made sure I have it right. :)

It was my first time playing it. I loved it...

John Fincher said...


Joel B. said...

Haha! I ended up calling it OUTBURST as well, because Jamie kept answering for the WRONG TEAM! ;)

I think "Password" suits the game better. But the name is already taken by another game...!

Truly this was a weekend to remember forever and ever. Hopefully one of many to come, and perhaps even some longer amounts of time together. We really messed up with our arrival time... I had forgotten about the time zone difference, and I basically calculated wrong about how long it would take to get there. It would've been nice to get there earlier and therefore gone to the store earlier so we'd all have more time together.

But anyway... the whole time together was sweet. All of us just being "us" --- together! And for the record, John... yes we DO hate you for choosing Disney World over US!!!

I think I said this elsewhere, but when we were all together it just seemed so natural... like we'd always known one another. With some people you have to "break the ice," but it just didn't seem that way with us.

Matthew Campbell said...

Jamie just can't help herself. :) Her re-dedicator broke a long time ago I think. =P We're just lucky she didn't start cursing. LOL I keed, I keed!