Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wake the Sleeping Christians

How could we have gotten so turned around? How did we ever let the lie sneak into our heads that we are to work for intimacy with God rather than working from it?

What a ludicrous idea. The foundation, the basic doctrine is that our acceptance is in the Beloved! We are accepted and delighted in because of Jesus' heroism and the salvation he obtained for us!

Do you not realize you are the dwelling place of God? How can one get any closer? And we do not do a single thing to reach this place. The Spirit was given because Jesus Christ was glorified, not because you were glorified.

This lie is spreading like wildfire and there are few, so few of us left to proclaim the truth. Because there are few of us who have seen and believed the totality and the exacting of the Law of God. We are those who refused to water down God's words and so cried out to God for an alternative. And Isaiah says, "He will surely be gracious to you at the sound of your cry". The Lord gave the Law to break us, but he broke us that he may heal us.

"Come! Buy wine and milk without money and without a price!"

The presence of God and his acceptance of you is free for the taking. His passion for you and his love for you cannot be bought.

Christians have fallen asleep. Though they look awake, busying themselves about with anything and everything someone tells them to do. Wake up! You know the truth! "Why do you labor for that which does not satisfy?" Drink of him!

The basic of the basic of the basic of the Gospel is Jesus Christ is the Way to the Father. You understood at the beginning that you cannot attain relationship with the Father through the flesh, how is it do you think you will now start attain his attention and acceptance for you by your flesh? Wake up!!


Ordinary Guy said...

"Why do you labor for that which does not satisfy?" - Man, that's a whole message in itself. Why do we? hmmm, something to ponder on.

silent wings said...

Thanks for the timely alarm Matthew. Been slumbering...feeling too weary to earn an intimacy that is already present...and so parched from ignorance.

The Lewis Family said...