Saturday, December 8, 2007

Church Entertainment

I just wanted to take a moment and discuss my concern with the way a lot of televangelists and preachers dress on television dress in nice tuxes and have those really pretty stages with the lights, High Def televisions and whatever else.

I'm not judging anyone or anything but it does make me cringe a little when I see things like this. I just think people ought to quit with the flashy stuff. I could care less what your set looks like and how you dress or what kind of haircut you have! I just wanna hear the PURE, UNTAINTED GOSPEL! I don't care how pretty a book cover is. I just want it to tell the truth about the Good News. Again, I'm not bashing anyone or anything...This is just my opinion.


Bino B. Manjasseril said...

Hey, don't blame them! they make things easy for people.
Do you want million dollar homes, designer suits, divine transfers (I still don't know what they mean by this!), private jets, quick fame, top notch life style, miraculous healing?
There is an easy way - sow your 'seed' in their ministry, send your money, purchase their hand kerchief or miracle spring water!
You can see many testifying. Why doubt?


Come on! Who cares?

Daelon said...

What? You haven't heard!? Last night, if you called right then they would have sent you a LARGER miracle spring water. I'm not even joking. It looked like a deer park commercial or something.