Friday, December 21, 2007

Vine Fellowship

I've not mentioned it much on this blog about how great my brothers and sisters are in my Church.

They are amazing to me and my mom. They are amazingly faithful to us. They have a genuine love for the Lord and an honest desire to follow Him.

I want to show them the same love and faithfulness they have shown to me without any fear.

You can check out our website at

I'm not sure where exactly they stand on the issue of grace, but they are all wonderful.


Anonymous said...

One wonderful thing about grace is that even if people don't agree with you on it, it's still there. :) I don't see eye to eye with all of the teachings about grace at my church, and I've been on kind of a sabbatical from "Church" for quite a while, but yet I love the people at the local body that my wife and kids still are a part of, and I know they genuinely love us too.

Daelon said...

Ain't it the truth? I know it's hard sometimes for people who are trying to be established in grace to be around different theologies and things though. But I have some very wonderful, gentle friends in our Church. Thank God!! lol