Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Baby Got Book

My little brother sent me the link to this earlier. I thought it was kinda clever..I heard that you like those Weird Al Yankovic type parody's, Joel. So heres to ya. ;)


Anonymous said...

Ha ha! That's a good one. :) My wife was here with me when I was playing it and she got a kick out of it too. I'm sure my kids will as well, because they're (unfortunately) familiar with the original Baby God Back tune (due to it being on Shrek).

Dude must've spent a long time working on those lyrics! Yep, that's the kind of thing I used to do once upon a time, although I never put any of it to music. I just sang my lyrics with the original songs.

It'd be fun if I could remember some of the lyrics I wrote. I destroyed all of them during my legalistic days. They were all written to songs by groups such as Bon Jovi, Motley Crüe, etc.

Daelon said...

I thought you might enjoy it. I don't agree with the implication that reading your Bible makes you holy, but I thought it was funny. "Cuz yo Bible's got pictures". He did an excellent job with the lyrics.

Too bad we can't see some of what you wrote....Bon Jovi is definitely satanic! lol I did the same thing...Only I still don't listen to a lot of the stuff I used to because It's just too angry and depressing for my liking.