Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I found this over at Malcolm Smith's website. I had to chuckle at it because I've done this for as long as I can remember. It's really pathetic. I've seen it in me with the Church.

"You see, the fact is, among mankind today, we do not listen to each other. We have no relationship with each other, nor do we expect to be listened to. That would be a fantasy world. America has learned how to “ego-speak” better than any other nation in the world. You know “ego-speak”? That’s when I do the talking and you’re not listening. You are waiting for one word that I say that you can latch onto and start talking, and when you start talking, I don’t listen to you. I’m listening for something that you will say that will enable me to start talking again. So, we talk over each other’s shoulder. There’s no relationship. We don’t listen to each other."


Nicole's Godblog said...


That is so true! I have been in many conversations like that! Where one person (or me) is either thinking about what they are going to say next and not even paying attention to others comments or even the subject line. Or, being 'talked over'. Where a person who has something to say is more important than the person in the middle of a sentence. Sad, but true. Unfortunately, I have done that! However, since this Journey with Father, I have learned to listen better and cherish more what others have to say and at times have to bite my tongue. Its worth it though, to build any relationship it does take a listening ear as well as a mouth full of words! LOL!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Daelon said...

Hi Nicole.

I've also been encouraged by the Spirits small voice to listen to people when they speak. Not in a "get your act together!!! sort of tone, but a suggesting idea sort of voice. I would like to be more intentional about that as I really want to learn to love and respect the brethren.

Only Look said...

Ouch. Yeah that is true. Do you mind if I post this quote a bit later Matthew?

Daelon said...

I do not mind at all, brother.

The Lord is still laying it on my heart to pray for you, Brian.

Only Look said...

A double thanks to you dear brother. I live in an environment of performance acceptance with God. Like in the old Roman Colosiums that either turned their thumbs up or down according to the performance they witnessed.
It is not easy brother, but God has me here for a reason and I do so appreciate your prayers.

Grace upon grace,


Daelon said...

That can be a very stressful place to be in. I tell you I get so stressed out even at the slightest hint of legalism. At times I can be quite critical in my head of people, trying to discern any hint of performance based religion.

I sometimes desire to hide myself from people who don't seem to be like-minded about God's Grace with me. It's difficult to get close to people when you're scared of what they may say.

I will definitely continually pray for your heart to be grounded in God's Grace and His great love for you in Christ Jesus.