Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Let The Children Come To Me And Do Not Hinder Them."

"For to such belongs the kingdom of heaven. Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child, shall not enter it".

I was thinking today about how people preaching the Gospel can hinder people from believing and receiving salvation in Jesus Christ. I remembered how I've heard the ridiculous hatred against an easy salvation? Some people want to make out that being saved isn't easy. If salvation wasn't easy, then why does God call it Good News? And why in the world would you want to make it hard for people? We are not to hinder anyone who wants salvation in Christ. All they need to do is call on His name.

I believe people who try to make salvation seem hard are people who just won't accept the truth of the Gospel. To those people is it hard to be saved. They're so full of pride and unbelief that they cannot fully accept the Gospel. The Law is still nullifying their faith in Christ. They still believe they must do something. If they didn't then why would they say it's hard to be saved? They imply that it depends upon their own faithfulness to meet some unknown level of service. They believe salvation is their life dedicated to Christ rather than Christ's Life dedicated to saving us.


Bino B. Manjasseril said...

Sometimes I wish I had a child like faith. There are these 1000 questions steaming into my mind all the time which make things so complicated. Staying in the fundamentals, keeping the simplicity etc are some of the things we need to be constantly reminded.

Daelon said...

Tell me about it! I forget so easily that salvation was motivated by His love and is by grace through faith from first to last. Even if I never did anything from this moment on, I am loved perfectly by the Father in Jesus Christ. He will be faithful to the covenant He made with His Son. Thats why the New Covenant has no fault! Because we have no part in establishing it or keeping it! We just receive!!!

Nicole's Godblog said...

Simply put gentlemen! I agree, I think some people make having a relationship with Father a lot more complex and complicated than it really is, or perhaps how easy it could be if some would just "BE" with Father! Its that simple!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Only Look said...

Well said brother. The cross is a place of blessed and sweet relief not a challenge to do what Jesus did there. Charity the one who realizes he is a beggar and in need but a great offense to the proud and unbroken person who despises the grace of God and is unwilling to repent of it.

Only Look said...

>They're so full of pride and unbelief that they cannot fully accept the Gospel.<

Its really a catch 22 isnt it? If you accept the simplicity of the gospel message then you have repented of what you have stated here, but if you overemphasise this truth then men may stumble at the door of salvation and introspect before they come in. Some do to their peril. That is why when one Believes on the Lord Jesus Christ and looks to Him who died and rose again for Him, then his unrepentant heart begins to break and is made whole and into a new heart. It is the beauty of the gospel. As Spurgeon would say, "Methinks the tale of Calvary is enough to break a rock"

If we accept Him, then we have repented and have the power within us for continued repentance from a finished work.

bob said...

Hi Everyone

The reason we have so complicated the Gospel is that we have the "knowledge of Good and Evil" (thanks to Adam & Eve) and we were never meant to have that. We were to be eating from the "Tree of Life", which is simple. The knowledge of Good and Evil makes everything complicated for us.

Eating from the Tree of Life
Simple Bob