Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sin Is Remembered No More

I am reading The Power of the Blood Covenant by Bishop Malcolm Smith at the moment. I have been reading it slowly over the past few weeks. I can't help but read a few sentences, get excited and soak in them for awhile. The Spirit has gifted Malcolm with incredible teaching abilities.

I was compelled to post something I found in the first 2 paragraphs of this new chapter called "Sin Is Remembered No More".

We have seen that Jesus lived and died as our representative; therefore, the men and women who believe are participators and sharers in all that He suffered, endured, and earned. On the cross, He stood as us not in some monstrous pretend game but in awful, agonizing reality. We were truly there in Him and He as us received pardon, justification, and resurrection. These blessings of covenant were given to Him first as our representative and then to us as we are united with Him and participate with Him through the Spirit.

When God raised Him from the dead, He declared that the penalty for our sins, which Jesus had freely taken, had been paid in full; our sentence placed on Him was fulfilled. Jesus risen from the dead is Jesus no longer carrying our sins that took Him to death. He as our representative was forgiven of all our transgressions; our guilt no longer weighs Him down, and He has been freed from all necessity of further punishment for them. If Jesus is alive from the dead, we are forgiven of all our sin!


Only Look said...

Amen!!!!! Hallelujah!!!

What beautiful feet he has:-)

Anonymous said...

Jesus risen from the dead is Jesus no longer carrying our sins that took Him to death.

WoW! That's great! I love listening to and reading the Bishop. He's got a great grasp of grace and the fullness of the gospel.

Anonymous said...

Just thought I would pass along a link to a free book to download that you would like to read if you haven't already. Very encouraging!!

Nicole's Godblog said...

I have read, "He Loves Me" by Wayne Jacobsen, and it is extremely wonderful. I also recommend it!

In Freedom, Nicole!