Monday, September 15, 2008


Well, I'm back from our vacation to St. Simons Island, Georgia. It's 6:22AM at the moment.

We had a good time but it was very hot down there in Georgia. VERY humid. I hated the heat, but on the pier with the sea breeze, it felt great. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time on that pier when we were not off doing something. It was a very great place though! The people were amazingly friendly. It was a really small village we stayed in and they were all very laid back. The food was amazing everywhere we went. We went kayaking, and went to an all but deserted island on which only 30 people were allowed on at one time, not counting the staff. They had power but no TV or radio. I think they read a lot. ;) That was my favorite part of the trip. The trees are so beautiful and old there. Tall oaks tower over you everywhere with Spanish moss dripping from them. They make a canopy over you nearly everywhere in Georgia, so there is a lot of shade. But some are very old and beautiful. My favorites were near an old 1800's Christ Episcopal Church building. That was absolutely beautiful! The stained glass windows were in primary colors and to be so old, the colors were still bright and deep and beautiful!

We did a few other things, but those were my favorites. I was anxious to get home to check on my cats and to get back to you guys, renewing my mind with truth. I've had a lot of anxiety mixed in with my vacation because I wasn't reading my Bible enough and keeping my mind renewed.

Hope you guys had a good week. I did!


Bino M. said...

Welcome back! Now start reading those million unread blog posts in your reader! :)

Good to know that you had a great time. Sounds like fun!

Amy said...

Welcome back! I'm delighted to hear you had a great vacation from St. Simon's Island!

Indeed, the Southeast/Coastal states sure are humid. When I was in Florida two years ago, I did love my visit, but I actually remember being grateful to be back in Arizona's "dry heat" upon return. Ha!

Your kayaking experience sounded very adventurous! Yes, the Great Oak trees down there are just breathtaking. Amazing to learn how rugid and old some are.

I have not yet been to Georgia, but I really wish to go someday. The oaks and greenery I've seen was in South Carolina, which I'm sure, although similar, are still much different than Georgia's.

I have a friend who lives in Georgia, and she has told me she lives in one of those neat plantation homes with the white pillar columns and all. I think of the Scarlett O'Hara's Tara estate from "Gone With the Wind."

Enjoy your rest, settling back in, and re-aquainting with your cats! Look forward to future blog posts from you, as always.

~Amy :)

RJW said...

Glad your back! We missed you!
We know that "wet blanket" feeling when the air is so thick with humidity that you perspire at 7AM just walking outside! We have always vacationed at Kiawah Island, SC.
But the ocean, and the sea turtles, and the Live Oaks, and the cicadas buzzing, and the food...well, they make it worthwhile. :)
And the Charlotte area can get kinda sticky, too.

Only Look said...

Welcome back...glad you had fun:-)

Nicole said...

Matt, great to hear that you had a good time! Didn't even know that you left, I was wondering why you weren't blogging as you usually do! LOL, sounds like you had a blast!

Hope life will get back to normal for you!!

In Freedom, Nicole!

Joel B. said...


Glad to have you back home! I'll be over to visit as soon as I get a chance. :) That may be next week or next year or next millenium, but I'll be over to visit as soon as I can.

Seriously though, glad you had a great time. Sounds like it was a wonderful trip. I enjoyed the bit about being on the pier and the deserted island, but it all sounds like a great time as well.

Aida said...

Matthew, a little late but welcome back.

It sounds like an awesome vacation. I live so close and I've never gone there but it sounds like a place I'd definitely like to visit, especially the part about no TV.