Thursday, September 4, 2008

Third Day - Call My Name

I listened to this song after reading a message from our brother Brian (Only Look to Christ) today. I was really feeling a lot of questions about whether or not I denied the faith and got so caught up into introspection that I started to despair.

It's so very hard for me to believe that I am near to God's heart. I know it in my head, but when I actually see it on that Day...It will really become alive. I just hope that I don't have to wait until that Day to fully experience His love for me.


Philip said...

Matthew,I've been feeling in the dark a lot, too. A few years ago,I was in real fear and despair over feeling that I committed the unpardonable sin-having once been saved,that I'd denied the faith and lost it. And that was after I was doctrinally a calvinist! The thing is,in line with what I said further down-our we saved by grace,through faith,or by faith,through grace?The latter is nonsensical! God initiated our personal salvation-faith is a gift that receives God's grace-not a work that merits it-and God could never-under any circumstances-allow a believer to deny the faith. That would be for him to deny himself,which cannot be. The only person who commits the unpardonable sin-whatever we think that means-hates the gospel,is implacable towards it,lives in open rebellion against it,and couldn't care less. That's not you sir! That person never was saved in the first place. Don't look to your look for your assurance of your salvation and his peculiar love to you-look to the cross. Christ is the saviour,not our faith. Our faith trusts he is our saviour.

Matthew Daelon said...

Well said, Phil. I often examine myself and ponder "what if?" Faith isn't relying on our faith. Faith looks away to Jesus on the Cross and Him now seated at the Fathers right hand for us. Faith isn't conscious of itself.

Philip said...

I'm also often doing it, so thanks for the opportunity to post this comment for my own benefit, well as your corroboration. I'm reminded of what Joseph Prince says in ch21 of destined to reign-'when you see him in his grace,he sees you in your faith'. Pray for me that I truly get it. -Phil

Amy said...

My friend, my heart is with you and Phil in regards to what you both are experiencing. Years ago, I went through a similar season of doubting my salvation, so I do understand. Remember, you ARE His...once and forever! He is so fond of you. He loves you. It's the enemy that wants you to believe otherwise.
P.S. I love this song, as well.

~Amy :)

Aida said...

Matthew, I don't listen to very much Christian music now but Third Day is different. I'll listen to them any opportunity I can get. I haven't heard this song but it was great and the words are so encouraging.

You're an awesome guy and even though you doubt at times, from your postings as well as our conversations, it's obvious to me that you get it. As I told you once, I've been a believer longer than you've been alive and yet your depth of understanding astounds and encourages me.

We all have periods of doubts. Sometimes the question, "Is God really real?" floats through my head. That's when I have to make the decision to go with what I truly believe and have experienced although at that moment, doubt may be there.

I don't dwell on my doubts. Instead, I dwell on him and his love. Of course, I know I'm not saying anything that you don't already know and do. I'm just sharing where I am.

Thanks for being so open about your struggles. You encourage so many of us as we struggle through some of the same questions.

Matthew Daelon said...

Hey Aida,

I'm the same way with most contemporary Christian music. It all sounds fake. But I've found that Christian music (the kind I like) really helps renew my mind on the truth and sets my thoughts on God.

I really have struggled with those questions before and they would drive me to the point of complete despair. I felt like my mind was going to crack. But God always brings us through...When I think of the plan of salvation, it becomes clear to me that no man could come up with something so loving. Man comes up with ways to have pride in himself, but the Cross of Christ excludes all boasting.

Thank you for your encouragement. What I know I learned from sermons and books. God gave me a great love to learn...but I'm bad about wanting to be spoon fed and not going to the word of God myself. I'm glad you enjoyed the song! It's one of my new favorites!!

Only Look said...

Hey Matthew,

Here is a poet and hymnwriter who is with the Lord now. He struggled all of his life yet hoped in the finished work of the cross. Not to say that we have too, but to encourage you with a man that did and was a friend of John Newton who wrote amazing grace. This mans name was William Cowper. I don't know if I have told you before, but he wrote the hymn, There is A Fountain Filled With Blood.

He also penned these words:

"Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take;
The clouds ye so much dread
Are big with mercy and shall break
In blessings on your head.

Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,
But trust Him for His grace;
Behind a frowning providence
He hides a smiling face."

He was suicidal and faced so much depression and rejection but it has been stated that on his deathbead and just before he died a smile cracked across his face and an expression of surprise, but of course all we need do is rest in His promises now and not be surprised by His goodness as you so desire.

Here is a link to a little bio of his life:


RJW said...

Hey Matthew...
Just hugging you through the ether. Grace to you today, little brother. :)