Sunday, September 21, 2008

Grace Walk Group!!!

I found a Grace Walk group listed on literally just down the road from my house!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited! I'm going to call (God willing) tomorrow and see about it!! Did I mention I am excited!? It's literally down the road and to the right not 3 minutes away. Weeee! Thank you, Jesus!!


Bino M. said...

That's awesome Matthew! We just don't know how grace is impacting people. We think we are lonely, but evidently we are not. Hope you will find great fellowship of like-minded believers in the group.

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful, Matt! I hope you sincerely enjoy it! Will you be keeping us "posted" (hee hee, a little play on words there) about the group? I'd love that, if you could.

~Amy :)

Joel B. said...

My heart and eyes welled up with excitement for you when I read this, brother! Along with what Bino and Amy said, I hope this turns out to be a wonderful group for you to enjoy great fellowship with.

RJW said...

:), we are excited with you!!

You have so much Love , wisdom, and Grace to share.

We have a Big, Faithful God!

Only Look said...

That is great brother. I know the encouragment will be tremendously helpful in your life and we hope to benefit from your joy in the future as well.

Grace upon grace,


Anonymous said...

Thats too cool Matthew,
I also would be very interested in hearing how it goes for you, I have been watching with anticipation while the groups grow, hopeing to see one pop up close to us. Anne and I will be praying for you :)