Sunday, September 28, 2008

To My Grace Family

So this Sunday was our Church's large gathering, where all of our groups (we meet in homes) get together in a rented conference room at Manchester village in Rock Hill. Manchester is my favorite place in Rock Hill. Olive Garden, movie theater and the bookstore are all in Manchester village.

Anyway...It was a really great time this morning while the band was playing. I thought about you all while they music was being played and it filled me with joy and longing for our 'grace family' to come together. I just really hope I wouldn't be timid with my grace family, but would love them with a sincere love while totally being myself. That's the only thing I am afraid of. Not being myself.

Anyway...I love you all and I longed for you with the affection of Christ today. I longed to be in that safe environment of our grace family. Thank you all for your blogs, prayers and encouragement.

I pray that the knowledge of God's beauty and love would fill you all, overflowing.


Only Look said...

Thank you brother and may your joy abound as you give thanks and bless us.

Grace upon grace,


Leonard said...

Thanks for sharing this, Living in the moment and being myself is a big struggle for me also,I really appreciate your authenticity.

Aida said...

Wow, Matthew! That's awesome. I've also thought about how nice it would be to all get together but, even if we can't, it's great knowing that you're all there.

Love you too.

RJW said...

Manchester Village sounds fun! Of course, any place with bookstores and restaurants is our idea of fun. ;)

I like that you referred to safe places; that is where we are in Christ if we can but believe it, and that realization empowers us to share Jesus' love and grace with others.

Love to you, little brother.

Joel B. said...


I look forward to the day when we can all get together, whether here, there or "in the air." :)

All the blessings back at ya, friend, and to everyone here. I echo your prayer.

Bino M. said...

Love to you in Christ...

Nicole said...

Ahh Matt! Thank you brother! It would be amazing for all of us to get together, but if we never do, at least we have this chance to all connect on here! BTW, we should all get together again and chat on Messenger.... What do ya say?! I will post something on my blog and see if anyone is interested?!

In Freedom, Nicole!