Thursday, September 25, 2008

Love is not Unjust

"God is a God of love, therefore on judgment day He will not send me to hell."

Really? If God is a God of love, why would He let someone unloving into His kingdom? Is it love to allow beings with the capacity to kill, rape, steal, insult or harm people into the kingdom? Would He let unpeace in His kingdom of peace? Would He let sinners in a kingdom of saints? People must be born again, because until they are they will remain sinners. Love casts out unlove for love's sake. Please don't ever think that God is so unjust and unloving to allow people, who's inmost self is evil, to live in His kingdom. Jesus said He will gather OUT of His kingdom all causes of sin and all Law-breakers. If you are under the Law, you're condemned as one who disobeys God. But come, believe the Gospel of Jesus' death, burial and resurrection and you will have a new identity and a new Daddy. You will receive a new spirit and a new heart, freely. It's His job to give you these things. Your job is to believe.

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