Thursday, October 16, 2008

Free Grace

"Do you believe in that 'free grace' stuff?"

Well, if the shoe fits! I was thinking the other day about how dumb it is I must clarify that grace is free. "Free grace"...When you think about the definition of grace as being unearned, the phrase "free grace" is redundant. But because of people sneaking in heresies into the Gospel, we must clarify. Do I believe in 'free grace'? Grace is free, so yeah...I believe in free grace. Quit being ridiculous. I know it makes you feel special and above others when you bring performance into the Gospel of Christ, but if you insist on corrupting the Gospel, please, don't bring others down with you. We need not make it about what WE do again, no matter how good your reasoning sounds. It's manipulation and guilt. You remain in slavery as a child of Hagar, but our Jerusalem above is free.

Having to clarify truth isn't new either. Paul himself had to be redundant with the Galatians. "It was for freedom that Christ set us free."

Why did Jesus set us free? For freedom. Redundant? Yep. Why do you make God repeat Himself? Do not be disbelieving, but believe. Repent and BELIEVE the GOOD NEWS.

People everywhere couldn't help but love Jesus. He was so beautiful. Even Pontius Pilate couldn't bring himself to want to condemn Jesus. Only those who believe they have no need of grace hate Jesus. The only way to rebel against Jesus is to refuse His love for you. You cannot rebel against Someone who doesn't take into account wrongs done to Him. His love is so persistent and wrecklessly committed, He wouldn't even take into account the the torture we inflicted Him with on the cross. Still, He cried, "Father, forgive them!!!"

The only people who hate Jesus are those who refuse to see their need of Him. The proud. The ones ashamed to beg. Grace just doesn't sound right to them. They cannot grasp it because they have not yet seen their need of it. It sounds heretical to them. But if they could only see how blind, pitiable and naked they really are, they would cling to His love like white on rice, never again returning to the ministry of death and condemnation.


RJW said...
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Joel B. said...

You obviously haven't worked hard enough for your grace. If you had, you'd realize the price you have to pay for grace!


Rom 11:6
And if by grace, then it is no longer of works; otherwise grace is no longer grace. But if it is of works, it is no longer grace; otherwise work is no longer work.

Matthew Daelon said...

Aloha to dat, big brudduh! I'm Hawaiian today. :)

Seriously. I love that Scripture. It shuts the mouth of anyone who would make it about what WE can do again.

Mel Gibson said it best: "Freedom!!!"

Only Look said...


You said:

>The ones ashamed to beg.<

That is the problem, and you will find that legal religion and the world will often look down on you saying that your just looking for a handout.

Thank God for this handout. Grace means charity. I have most gladly begged God for His grace,

Grace upon grace,


lydia joy said...

"The only way to rebel against Jesus is to refuse His love for you. You cannot rebel against Someone who doesn't take into account wrongs done to Him."

Now that is worth quoting!! I have a book idea in mind to help Christians who struggle with "rebellious" children, of which I apparently was one.......anyway, that phrase you wrote, is so key, because a lot of Christians don't get the love and acceptance of God, aka 'free grace.' They see him all wrong and then pass that on to their kids and wonder why on earth they would supposedly "rebel"

anyway, this was a great post...........!!!

Matthew Daelon said...


I hear ya, brother. Grace isn't the popular thing. But Jesus said when people regard us as evil for Jesus' name sake, we are to rejoice and leap for joy!! GREAT is our reward in heaven!!! Hallelujah!!


I believe you are exactly right. When people told me to "buckle down and set my mind to it" or something like that, it only made things worse. But fortunately my mom was never really strict with me. She was a good mama considering the circumstances she was under.

But kid's rebel against that sort of thing. They need relationship and love. All the law can do for sinners is stir up their sin!

Leonard said...

Thanks Matt, I really enjoyed it as usual...

Free Spirit said...

Yeah, so amazing that grace isn't the popular thing. What's up with that?? Grace, not popular. You'd think people would be falling all over themselves to get it... oh yeah, they are. I think I'll just sit back and let IT get me. :)

Great words!!

BTW, I love your line: "All the law can do for sinners is stir up their sin." DEEP.

DJW said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Me gusta muchisimo!