Sunday, October 26, 2008


Just letting everyone know that Ryan and Jamie posted up a picture we took together Friday night after dinner.

Have at it!


RJW said...

We is scrumdillyiciously bee-u-tee-ful!!! :) Oh yes we is!

Too bad our "tails" aren't showing! ;)


Matthew Daelon said...

I was gonna say the same thing! Well, not scrumdillyiciously but we're definitely all beautiful!

LOL...I'm guessing he got it from a Halloween costume and attached it to his belt or something. I still have to hand it to him. He obviously doesn't care what people think of him! You meet all kinds of people in Rock Hill lol.

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures!! Wonderful! You all look beautiful. I like your buzz cut, by the way. I bet it felt good in the Summertime.

~Amy :)

Matthew Daelon said...

Yeah I shave my head because I started losing my hair at 15 and it's a lot cheaper to just shave it than go to the barber every 2 months.

RJW said...

I thought we agreed on you growing dreads! I adore dreads!! ;)

Actually, we all adore you, Boo! :)

Bhedr said...

Thats really cool brother. I am glad you guys had a great time. This is Only Look posting as Bhedr just FYI.

Been real busy lately and a lot on my plate so I have shut down my blog and may put up posts at this old one from time to time. Just got so much going on right now. I just don't know how to keep up.

Rejoice in the Lord always.

Grace upon grace,