Sunday, October 19, 2008

Loved Forever!

I am so loved by God it's ridiculous. I feel so spoiled. I was telling Jamie on the phone today that sometimes when good things happen in my life, I wonder what I must have done to cause God to bless me so. But as Jamie pointed out, that's a form of witchcraft. Coming up with some sort of spell or concoction that I can use to move God's hand to bless me. It's seeking to enter through any other way but by the Door Himself. Ever good gift comes down from the Father of lights, not because we're worthy but because Jesus is worthy. EXALT JESUS! He is the victor and the champion! He has given us everything! He has bought it all through His precious blood!

Jesus is the only reason I am blessed and He is the only reason I have peace when heartbreak comes. Let us boast only in Jesus and His love for us. He HIGHLY favors me and ridiculously loves me. Why? Because I'm so beautiful? YES! But He has washed me and made me beautiful!! I am His work of art in the spirit, by the Spirit! Don't complain about me, God judges me. And His court has declared me righteous forever in Christ! Everlasting righteousness!!

His banner over me is love. It fills Him with joy to lavish His grace and give His kingdom to me.

Not just me. To everyone who has trusted in Jesus' work on the cross and His resurrection. He is our life and righteousness. The Father loves you!!!! Yes, you!! How? Because Jesus has satisfied His justice completely! He is NEVER angry with you. You are no longer a slave, but you are His son or daughter. Loved by God perfectly, free of charge to you. Jesus paid the price! You are loved forever!!!! FOREVER!


RJW said...

You're love drunk!!! ;)

I think that is called "new wine!"

Isn't it marvelous KNOWING you are HIS BELOVED???

Be careful; you might start splashing on people! Let's run around in the showers of Love and jump in the puddles... :)

Grace Walker said...

This is such a beautiful post, Matthew. Thank you for sharing with all of us. :o)

Bino M. said...

Amen! Thank you for speaking TRUTH!

Free Spirit said...

And they all said... AMEN!

lydia joy said...

"New wine" - I'll say!! I want some too!!

You are spoiled, isn't it wonderful!! Keep spreading the love, it's more than just ridiculous, it's contagious - I think your splashes are reaching far north!!!

Amy said...

Amen...he LOVES you!! Very, very much. Just for you being you!!

~Amy :)

Only Look said...

Amen...I agree, it is good to see one drunk with the Holy Spirit:-)

grace upon grace,


Sheila said...

Matthew, your insight into grace is fantastic. Stay in that are blessed and highly favored to have discovered grace at a young age! I didn't discover these realities until I was married with four children.

I don't "know" Ryan and Jamie (my husband and I haven't met them - I found her blog recently) but I am so proud of them both, of the way they put "skin" on the grace of God...they way they obviously manifest Christ to your life.

All's Grace,