Saturday, October 25, 2008

I miss them already. I feel so close to them. They love me so much.

P.S. We went to Caffino today before they left and we played Blokus outside and had coffee and took a few more pictures. It was a beautiful day. Jesus has blessed me with such a wonderful family. I will be going to their house in two weeks though!! So it won't be long!! :) Can't wait!!!


RJW said...

Hey there, Matthew of the HUGE TWO ARMED SQUEEZE ME 'TIL I SQUEAK HUGS!!!! :)

How blessed we are to have you in our family!! It was ALL GOOD!

Reagan says he & Nick will break you of your shyness!! LOL

Paul A-W better look out because we're gonna light up London when we touch down!! ;)

Matthew Daelon said...

We're gonna light it up with the light of Christ!!! I miss you all so much!!! I am watching my movie now. Thank you!! I love you all!!

Aida said...

Matthew, I can really relate to what you're feeling. In August, I finally got together with a dear friend that I met through Wayne Jacobsen's Lifestream group. She drove four hours to spend the night with me and after she left, I missed her terribly.

I'm so glad you had an opportunity to meet your friends and will be getting together with them again. Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with us.